Tips and tricks for seasoned consumers who want to spice things up

Published Jun 15, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re only occasionally smoking weed, then chances are pretty good that these tips could help you too, but they are designed to take thing up a notch when the same old routine starts to get dull and less enjoyable. Most seasoned consumers will get to this stage of boredom and want for something more eventually, as old habits do tend to die hard, so it’s easy to stick to what you know, but there is a massive world out there full of exciting cannabis-related ideas and products to try, and there’s bound to be something there that can quell your desire for something better, you just need to know where to start.

1. Try a new smoking device

Most stoners start out occasionally smoking weed with a friend, and the most shared, of all toking options, is a joint, which is likely why rolling papers are the go-to choice for so many cannabis enthusiasts, but a simple roll or bowl, in the same way, day after day can get boring. Once you’ve reached that point, it's a good idea to try something new, and the most comfortable way to do this is based on your exposure and personal comfort level.

Sure, some of the new-fangled devices, like fully automated dab rigs and volcano vaporizers, might look a bit off-putting at first, but you might be amazed to find just how far we’ve come, and you can only discover that for yourself by diving right in and trying something that intrigues you. So splurge on that new THC oil vape, or a fancy new gravity bong, because it pays to experiment with and learn about other devices that are on the market today, and it might be just what you need to feel like you’re back in the game.

2. Delve into more potent products

Many of us start out smoking whatever low-quality product that we can get our hands on, but over the years, our tastes have changed, and our tolerance to cannabinoids have increased, which is why it might be time to try something a bit stronger than what you’re used to. It really doesn’t take much of an adjustment to feel a significant difference in the effects, and if you’re missing the way cannabis used to make you feel, this might be all that it takes to take your experience to the next level.

3. Mix things up a bit

This tip kind of feeds off of number 2, as many potential combinations of cannabis products, will be stronger than just regular herb alone, even if it’s of excellent quality, seeing that anything that is added can contribute to the effects. You can use terp juice, wax, THC oil, kief, flowers, hash, and everything in between to do this, as long as you maintain enough dry plant materials or a device that is enough to accommodate the difference.

Some of the hottest and best-selling products on the market today include unique combinations, like moon rocks, that are basically cannabis buds coated in a nice layer of BHO, or a higher quality THC oil, and then rolled onto a bed of kief until they are delightfully coated in the strong and highly concentrates trichomes. Mixtures like these can allow you to change the taste, smell, and many other aspects of the experience, and they can often be enough to curb the want for a change for seasoned consumers.

4. Consider not getting high for once

Sometimes all we really need to truly enjoy something more intensely is a different perspective, and cannabis has a whole lot more to offer than THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the stereotypical effects of getting high. CBD can be quite an adventure on its own, especially if you’re having problems in certain aspects of life, like keeping up energy levels throughout the day or dealing with stressful situations.

CBD can help to keep you calm, terpenes are perfect in perfumes and lotions for an added boost, and no matter how you choose to use these elements, you’ll be left with a deeper understanding of the world of cannabis, which might be all that you need to reignite the passion for the plant that you once thrived in. These additions are also known to boost the effects of a high, but they are just as amazing to experience without the buzz.

5. Explore the various methods

Most people stick to one method of using cannabis and stay with it because it’s familiar and that seems safer, but it’s also one of the first mistakes that you can make if you want to avoid ever feeling bored, at some point or another. Besides, there are so many choices out there that it would be a shame to let so many of them go to waste. So, pick up an edible, switch to a vape, pop some cannabis pills or throw on a patch, and you’re sure to be in for an exciting time that’ll keep you hooked every step of the way.

6. Pair cannabis with the ideal activities

It’s not uncommon for cannabis enthusiasts to lounge around the house much of the time, because even in legal regions, we face discrimination no matter where we turn. So it’s just easier to sit back, relax in the house, and soak in an old tv series or a new movie away from prying eyes, but this is going to get boring quickly making a buzz feel less effective because you simply aren’t stimulated enough mentally to enjoy it.

This is the perfect time to pull out a board game, hit some trails, or head out stargazing on a hunt for far and wide solar systems, and if you use the right strains, you’ll soon find that the excitement starts coming back when you have something that’s positive to focus on. So, get started on a really good list of some of your favorite things to do, and a few you’ve been waiting to try. Check it out because this might be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

7. Get crossfaded

Now, normally it’s really not recommended to combine various substances together because there is no way to tell how they might impact you. Alcohol, the second most commonly used legal substance is the perfect example of this as it has the potential to slow the rate at which your body processes cannabinoids which translates to a slow creeping and longer high, but it can also force the body to use them more quickly, leading to a much more intense experience.

However, if you have a history with both of these substances, then crossfading might be perfect for you. The results typically look much different than when either substance is taken alone, which is why this trend is quickly catching on as the next big thing. It is, however, important to note that getting crossfaded doesn’t require a bunch of alcohol. So, start with a small puff here with a single shot of your favourite liquor and then work your way up from there.

8. Look for elusive “designer” cannabis products like diamonds or distillate

After a while, most cannabis products begin to look the same, and that’s because technically they are, as they’re all derived from the same plant, just using different methods to preserve certain aspects. Once you’ve tried shatter, THC oil, dry herb, and pretty much everything else that there is, it’s an excellent time to move on to more exotics options that are on the market today like diamonds or distillate, as both come pre-activated and that makes things interesting.

Even if it doesn’t take a lot of cannabis to get you to a level of comfort, these designer products can be ideal, because they are easy to measure out in tiny microdoses, but they are also great for those with a higher tolerance because they are really strong, and so much fun to use. You can smoke them, vape them, make edibles, or consume them as is. They can be sprinkled on or in literally anything consumable for a cannabis kick in whatever level of intensity that you wish, and that’s pretty awesome.

9. Get the old blood pumping

Sometimes seasoned consumers start to think that they aren’t getting much from their favourite cannabis products anymore, but this goes back to the fact that we spend so much time at home, or sitting still in a large group to get high, which keeps us stationary and calm. Once you get moving with blood pumping, you’re likely to feel much more intense sensations that can help to bring back some of the excitement that’s been lost over the years.

So smoke a joint or two and then get on a treadmill or go for a jog around the neighbourhood while everything sets in, and you might be surprised by the things that you notice now that were just in the background before. Things like smells from flowers and trees, or the bright light that’s streaming through a window, as they will be intensified by the combination of cannabis and a bit of exercise.

10. Find someone new to enjoy it with

Smoke cannabis is something that we often share with other like-minded individuals, but if those people are getting you down, or just not around, then the experience might not feel the same until you find a reasonable replacement. So, find some stoner friends who share similar interests, and you might just find that the excitement comes back all by itself with little to no effort at all.

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