The pros and cons of using hemp blunt wraps and rolling papers

Published Jan 7, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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The best blunt wraps and rolling papers will always come down to personal preference, but with hemp options quickly gaining popularity, it is time to highlight both the positives and negatives that come with choosing to use this particular kind of paper for joints or blunts.


1. It’s great for the environment
Cannabis plants are excellent for the environment, and their THC lacking cousin hemp is no different, with the ability to cleanse not only the soil that it is grown in but also the air that surrounds it. This is because both cannabis and hemp plants require massive amounts of CO2 to flourish which is a major contributor to global warming.

2. Better for your lungs
Regular rolling papers are terrible for your lungs, as they emit carcinogens that are known to cause cancer and other chronic illnesses but hemp, just like cannabis, has never been linked to adverse health effects, in the same way, making them the healthiest option on the market today without switching from smoking to some other method of ingestion.

3. Maintains taste
Most typical rolling papers are made of a white tree paper that is the same as the pieces we use for writing or drawing and burning up that kind of paper leaves behind weird smells and tastes that are not naturally present in cannabis. This can impact the flavor of blunts or joints, however, with hemp blunt wraps and rolling papers which are made out of plant materials that are nearly identical to cannabis, the taste and smell are perfectly preserved, just like a clean bong or pipe would.

4. Less ripping
Hemp rolling papers are made using the most fibrous portions of the plant, and once processed, hemp paper material is usually up to ten times stronger than traditional tree-made versions. This means less ripping in your pockets or holes for your freshly rolled joints that would have been caused by the presence of a tiny twig or seed that managed to poke through. Avoid that possibility altogether with hemp blunt wraps which are nice and thick like normal blunt wraps, only better.

5. Variety of flavors and colors to choose from
Hemp rolling papers come in a wide variety of color and flavor options, so you don’t have to miss out because of opting for the healthiest choice.



1. Tricky for those who are used to normal rolling papers (to manipulate)
As we mentioned, hemp rolling papers are much stronger than more traditional versions, which means that the paper will also bend differently, leading to a strange feeling for those who are experienced with the thinner alternative. Luckily, this is easy enough to get through, but it can be repulsive for those who thought they had already perfected the art of rolling blunts or joints.

2. Fakes exist
Unfortunately, like with any health-focused product, the trend has caught on, which means that they are more expensive and sought after than their counterparts, and counterfeit producers know this. Since the industry is not regulated, there are far too many fakes out there, so be sure to only buy hemp rolling papers through brands that you trust, otherwise, you might be paying more for nothing.

3. More expensive
Hemp blunt wraps and rolling papers aren’t much more expensive than your average choices, but even a small amount can add up over time, and in this case, the difference is an average of around 50cents per package.

4. Smaller packs
To add insult to injury, the more expensive hemp rolling papers also come in smaller packs, sometimes only holding half of what a regular brand like Zig Zag would boast. This means that it’s more expensive, and you are getting less, which is a bit too much for money conscious stoners to handle in exchange for the benefits.

5. Not always available
Hemp rolling papers and blunt wraps are an excellent choice, but since they haven’t been around for nearly as long, it can sometimes be hard to find them, especially when you get stuck in a pinch away from your local dispensary. So even if you do decide to make a healthier decision, you might not always be able to find them, and for some, that is definitely a frustrating disadvantage.

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