The pros and cons of an automated cannabis curing system

Published Apr 6, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Is there a way to ensure that your cannabis harvest will reach the consumer in the most pristine condition? Curing and drying a crop efficiently will help to ensure that this is achieved. The ultimate solution for drying cannabis is to have an automated curing system to do the hard work for you. An automated system that eliminates the guesswork out of producing the most potent and valuable harvest.

An automated system can keep your harvest free from pests and mould while helping to lock in the terpene profiles of your bud. The computerized system for drying cannabis can also help eliminate over-drying.

After carefully and patiently growing marijuana, drying cannabis, curing, and long-term storage of your harvest is essential. When this is not done correctly,  the results can be terrible. A proprietary software application and robotics system dynamically transition product from an airtight chamber to laminar ventilation through negative pressure, there-by ensuring a top-shelf product.

Everyone wants their harvest to be potent.  Retaining terpenes and eliminating the mould problem while maintaining the product's consistency is necessary for this to be achieved. The automated curing system takes the guesswork out of producing the perfect bud. All automated systems come with pros and cons to using them. Automated cannabis curing systems are no different. Some of the advantages to using automated curing systems include:


Experts in growing marijuana have designed the hardware and application that utilizes laminar airflow dynamics during an automated venting cycle to produce the perfect product. The uniform air pathways facilitate all flowers with even drying and curing at a steady rate.


The cannabis plant's terpenes have been thought to help with anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, sedative effects, and the anti-bacterial positive effects of weed. Terpenes, when used without CBD or THC, can have an impact on the endocannabinoid system. The automated curing system preserves more than sixty percent of the flavorful terpenes than traditional drying and curing forms.

Preventing over-dried product

Automated curing systems prevent over-drying of a harvest. Over-dried cannabis loses its aroma and flavour. (terpenes). The crispy overdried bud is not appealing, as it produces a harsh smoking experience.

Negative aspects to cannabis curing automatic systems

One of the cons of using an automated curing system comes from the expense of the equipment that is needed. There is a substantial financial commitment when your begin growing marijuana using a computerized system, that is, assuming your harvest is large enough.

Nutrients, labour, and power are all calculations that need to be included in each grow cycle's cost when growing marijuana.

To some, any automation usually implies the loss of employment.

Final thoughts

Automated cannabis curing systems produce the ultimate high-end cannabis. The cannabis connoisseur will agree that the art of drying and curing your harvest is perhaps, besides ensuring the plant has proper nutrients, the most crucial step in the process of producing top-shelf weed. Craft weed growers may find the expense of these systems overbearing. However, if the system's cost is to provide high-quality, safe and clean cannabis, so be it.

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