The Pot Exchange offers Canadian cannabis consumers a way to connect

Published Nov 8, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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If you have ever purchased significant amounts of cannabis or have any experience with growing weed, then you probably already know the bane of receiving a package of products that you don’t like. Now that federal marijuana legalization is official in Canada, and the cultivation of up to four plants are allowed, there will be more people growing marijuana than ever before if there isn’t already.

That also means that there are going to be a lot more people smoking weed openly and tossing buds or concentrates that they eventually get bored with. The Pot Exchange is the first organization of its kind in the country, and we’re here to let you know who they are, how it all works and who can qualify for this fantastic service.

What is The Pot Exchange?

The Pot Exchange is a Canadian based platform that is run by its founder, Christine Howard, who knows all too well the plight of a medical patient who cannot afford access to this powerful therapeutic treatment. Her mission is to connect those with too much product with others who may need it like medical patients or fellow cannabis enthusiasts who are no longer getting what they need from their stash.

The goal of The Pot Exchange is to eventually make cannabis free for everyone, or in the very least, make sure that it is always available to those who need it most. This platform is the very first of its kind in Canada, and it offers a unique service that one won’t find anywhere else for free.

What they do

If you find yourself in the position of requiring treatment and can’t afford it, where do you turn? Since there is only one confirmed insurance agency to cover medical cannabis, and to have it, you need to be able to afford it, trying for coverage is highly unlikely, which is why so many are left without access to cannabis as an alternative or complementary treatment.

The Pot Exchangeoffers a solution to all of these problems and more, by providing legal aged Canadians with a safe and confidential platform to advertise needs, wants and giveaways from anyone all over the country. Some website visitors are posting for free weed, while others are hoping for a meaningful exchange that will leave both parties satisfied. Find yourself a cannabis Hero or become one yourself as you navigate the exciting world of online cannabis lovers united, the choice is up to you.

What is a cannabis hero?

A cannabis hero could be anyone who has a product that wants to give it away for free, whether you’ve bought too much that you don’t like, want or need, or you grew way more than you could use up in a year, the opportunity Is there for nearly anyone to become a cannabis hero.

The legality of mailing weed in Canada

Since federal marijuana legalization forbids the selling of cannabis goods, many people assume that giving it away could result in a penalty, but Canadians are allowed to give away weed products of any kind, including joints, concentrates and any other cannabis-infused goods. The trick is that even if it is a gift, the legal age of consumption is 21, so as long as both parties involved are of age, there isn’t any way to get into trouble for gifting marijuana.


That is a risk that a relatively easily avoided, by requiring ID and or signature upon arrival of the goods, which are mailed along with regular everyday letters, bills and postcards to an awaiting consumer. The Pot Exchange also requests photos from all participating members with the individual holding up a sign that says The Pot Exchange in a verification step that helps to protect all people involved in any transaction.

Can anyone use The Pot Exchange from outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, only Canadians, at this time, have the privilege of shipping legal weed to one another. Residents from other countries cannot partake, as shipping cannabis products across the border is still considered to be a chargeable offense, which could leave both parties involved, banned from crossing the border in the future. This is true even if you live in a legal region, as the package will have to move into illegal territory before it makes it to its ultimate destination.

How to sign up

If you are interested in this service then you can visit their website at, or by sending Christine herself a letter to the following address:

75 Old Chicopee Drive #61

Kitchener Ontario

N2A 2G4

How to get involved

The Pot Exchange is for so much more than people who enjoy smoking weed, and there is a significant need for experienced and nonprofessional individuals who enjoy growing marijuana, as there is always a waitlist of patients in need of items such as dry herb, pre-rolls, concentrates, oils, or topicals. Since seeds are expensive to start, Christine is sending out seeds to all interested participants who send her a letter voicing an interest in growing weed for both themselves and the lengthy list of waiting patients.

Legal recreational marijuana consumers are still using medical issues to justify their use


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