The low-down on swishers

Published Oct 22, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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There are so many different types of rolls out there that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Even the most seasoned users have difficulty recognizing each one by name, but when you find one that you love, you probably won’t be able to stop talking about it, and that’s how swishers came to be so popular today.

What are swishers?

These fantastic blunts are slightly different from your average roll because they’re made using wraps from Swisher Sweets. This company designs sweet-flavored cigars for consumers who want to enjoy the deep aroma and extra flavor. The wraps are generally filled with either cannabis or a unique combination that includes tobacco. They’re a bit smaller and thinner than most traditional cigars, making them ideal for personal sessions or for a couple of people to share.

Why so many users love them

Some users love blunts because they provide the deep dark aromas of tobacco without the harsh taste. For many, they’re easier to make than a paper roll because of the firm strength of the wraps, but swishers get their good name due to the delicious sweet and spicy taste of Swisher Sweets cigars. It’s just enough to lightly flavor the bud without becoming overpowering, making the swisher an instant hit among all types of cannabis consumers.

How to roll a blunt swisher style

If you’re familiar with how to roll a blunt using a regular wrap, then the swisher is likely to be a breeze. If you’re not, then it’s essential to follow along with these included instructions carefully and closely so that you can end up with a smokable enjoyable swisher for your very own.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Swisher Sweets cigar (any flavor)
  • 1.5 grams of cannabis flower
  • 1 Exacto knife
  • 1 weed grinder


  1. Start by carefully unwrapping the plastic from the Swisher Sweets cigar.

  • Next, you’ll need to dissect the blunt carefully by creating a fine, straight slice right down the side of the cigar, from one end to the other, until it can be lifted and separated at the seam.

  • Gently unwrap the cigar, removing the tobacco from within. At this point, you can either toss the tobacco or keep half of it for a combination blunt. It’s entirely up to you.

  • Now grind up the cannabis flower until it reaches an even consistency, and then if you’re using tobacco, mix it with the half that was kept from the last step.

  • Use your fingers to hold the blunt wrap open enough to pack it full of the tobacco and cannabis combination grind, and don’t stop until you can’t fit anymore, and it’s pouring out of both ends.

  • Grab the wrap with both hands, and use your thumbs and forefingers to work the paper in a rolling motion, just like you would for a joint, as it will help to pack down the grind.

  • One the blunt is packed enough that it allows you to overlap the seams, add a small amount of moisture to it, and then press the edges together.

  • Leave the swisher blunt to dry for a few minutes before checking the seams with a fast draw. If there are any air leaks, now is the time to seal them up, and if not, then you’re ready to smoke your very first swisher!

  • Rolling papers and blunt wraps might not be as safe as you think


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