The ins and outs of Marinol

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:20 p.m. ET

Marinol is the brand name for dronabinol, the active ingredient in the man-made form of cannabis. Marinol is discontinued in Canada although still available in the states; It was withdrawn by the manufacturer for unstated reasons.

While people consider it as cannabis pill form, and despite how you can pet a Marinol prescription online, this drug is a controlled substance. Is dronabinol THC? It is. It’s pure THC dissolved in sesame oil. It is administered orally usually in a pill form. In 1985 it was approved by the FDA in the states for conditions like nausea and vomiting commonly associated with chemotherapy. Some doctors also prescribe dronabinol for chronic pain. In 1992, it was approved for aiding AIDS and HIV patients with appetite and weight loss issues. Marinol is distributed in white 2.5 mg, black 5 mg, and orange 10mg capsules.

Your body size and weight will determine the dose that you need if you are prescribed this for nausea and vomiting. As with all medication do not increase your dose on your own or take for longer than needed. Hot flashes diarrhea and trouble sleeping could plague you if you stop taking it suddenly. Any of these effects may warrant you to get in touch with your doctor.

Marinol may give you a positive result if you are administered a standard urine drug screen.  Marinol is pure THC.; it is stored, excreted and broken down just the same as natural THC.  It can be detected in urine screens for twodays or up to possibly five weeks.

Marinol has been known to create or worsen psychosis in some people especially if they have had issues of depression or mental illness. Stimulants, cold medicine and pain medication do not interact well with Marinol. You should be careful what over the counter drugs you take simultaneously with Marinol. THC is the only component found in Marinol, unlike other compounds found in weed thus rendering the psychoactive effects stronger than they would be in cannabis.

Dementia fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and chronic pain are just a few ailments that when treated with Marinol appear to relieve some symptoms.

Marijuana and Marinol have similar effects on us. Remember that Marinol is made in a lab. It has only one active ingredient in its makeup.When a patient is prescribed Marinol for nausea, they may have an increase in the symptoms,  unlike natural THC which has other cannabinoids like CBD in its makeup, Marinol only has THC. Because of Marinol missing other cannabinoids,it does not interact the same in assisting with nausea type symptoms. The natural marijuana plant has many cannabinoids to interact with THC naturally. If you’re wondering, “what does synthetic weed feel like?”, you might be ill-advised to try Marinol over regular marijuana.


These are some drawbacks of taking this compound. Ingesting Marinol takes an hour and a half to reach its peak, while within 15 mins you can feel the effect of a joint.

Due to the time, it takes to know if the med is working it is hard to self-adjust the dose. You may take more before the effect starts to be felt, this could be dangerous.

Overdose symptoms may include drowsiness change in mood, memory problems, little or no urinating and light-headedness can be indications of overdose.

Hives, mouth sores, swelling of your tongue lips or throat are indications of allergic reactions. Seek medical help if you experience these.

Marinol could be habit forming as with any medication and should not be shared with anyone.



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