The importance of selecting the right strain

Published Aug 6, 2019 11:28 a.m. ET
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Most consumers, including those that are more experienced, tend to believe that the effects of marijuana are the same regardless of its genetics, while those that are more familiar with the culture will often reiterate common stereotypes that are usually meant to determine the difference between Sativa and Indica strains. Indica strains are typically known for their intense and sedating characteristics, while Sativas are advertised as energizing, uplifting and much more suitable for beginners. The truth is, these terms have very little to do with how you will feel the effects of marijuana from a particular species. Instead, they are more purposeful for growers, as they describe the growing stages and averages more than anything else.

After learning that valuable piece of information, it makes sense to assume that all cannabis strains will provide a similar effect, but each one comes equipped with its own unique benefits and chemical profile. Marijuana plants can produce over 100 different elements, including terpenes, THC and CBD. Though it is most often the cannabinoid content that is loudly displayed on dispensaries packaging, there is so much more that is not mentioned; Like the kinds of flavors, smells or effects to expect from consuming the plant matter. It is a common misconception that the effects of marijuana are always sedating and will leave a negative experience on a consumer that doesn’t know any better; Afraid to truly delve into the many benefits that cannabis strains have to offer. This poses the questions ‘Why aren’t they all sedating?’ and, ‘what other types of sensations could one expect to achieve from experimenting with the appropriate strains?’

The many different effects of marijuana

There are a few common stereotypes that hold true, including the fact that most cannabis strains will leave you feeling hungry and eventually tired. The variety of different sensations that felt is a lot more vast than most people tend to believe. Below is a list of some of the most commonly reported effects of marijuana:

  1. Relaxed
    Sometimes, the effects of marijuana will be cerebral based, and others will provide a full-body tingly sensation that is a bit easier to focus through.

  2. Hunger
    All cannabis strains are known for having the side effect notoriously called the munchies, but certain types will take this sensation to a whole new level and leave you insatiable hungering.

  3. Thirst
    Cottonmouth is one of the most famous side effects of marijuana, but not all cannabis strains will make you feel this way. Specific methods of ingestion can also help to curb this like marijuana edibles that are fruit, juice or water-based.

  4. Sleepiness
    This is often caused by cannabis strains that are described as couch locking. Some sedative cannabis strains can help to induce a deep slumber that may be difficult to wake from.

  5. Grogginess
    Similar to sleepy, only with the ability to stay awake. These cannabis strains are ideal for the most experienced consumer who has a high tolerance to the effects of marijuana.

  6. Trouble keeping track of time
    Another typical result from ingesting marijuana products is an altered perception of time. This can be great for those who have several hours to pass and not much to do, but for anyone with other obligations in the day, it might be a good idea to stay away from these cannabis strains.

  • Uplifted mood
    This is one of the few effects of marijuana that can complement almost any activity quite nicely, as a happier individual tends to have a whole lot more fun, no matter what the task at hand is.

  • Pain-relieving
    Medical patients with symptoms that include pain due to injury, inflammation or some other condition can benefit significantly from a hearty dose of cannabis strains that are known to reduce discomfort. Often immediate relief is all that is considered, but CBD can offer a long-term reduction in symptoms for situations where pain is caused by pressure and or inflammation.

  • Energizing
    These invigorating cannabis strains will give you a boost of energy that can help you to get almost any job done. They are also perfect for active social situations like exercising or attending a party.

  • Chatty
    Sometimes the effects of marijuana can make a person appear withdrawn and quieter than average, while others that provide a chatty characteristic can help to relieve anxiety and get the conversation flowing with little to no effort at all.

  • Motivated
    Motivational cannabis strains are often grouped in with energetic ones, but these will provide a soothing relaxation of both the mind and the body that can help to keep you motivated. The latter is a boost of energy that can pair with physical activity just as well as a video game. With this side effect, you are going to feel motivated to be active.

  • Why using the appropriate strain is so important?

    All the effects of marijuana listed above work alone and in conjunction with one another to provide a vast range of different experiences for the consumer. The importance of the strain helps with the effects needed to match whatever activity at hand. A deeply sedating breed might have you falling asleep on the way to the big party, while a chatty and energizing strain would offer a boost that would enhance the evening ahead rather than hinder it. Choosing the wrong cannabis strains can leave you feeling uncomfortable or incapable of following through on certain plans, which can ultimately lead to resentment for an activity that could be incredibly beneficial if it was merely understood.

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