The different types of cannabis rolls

Published Aug 1, 2019 03:46 p.m. ET
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If you are brand new to the cannabis scene and have heard a few terms that you don't understand, know that it's not all that uncommon. Even the most experienced marijuana consumers will generally stick to what they know, and since stoners are a creative bunch that has experimented with new and unique rolls since the beginning, chances are there is at least one or two from this list that even the most flaunted connoisseurs won't understand or know about. Whether you had heard a term you didn't know or are just looking for a new and exciting way to roll up your herb, check out these ten different types of cannabis rolls. If you find one that you like, then head towards our how tosection for step by step guide on how to roll it.

1. Joint

A joint is the most basic cannabis roll, which consists of one paper that is filled and rolled into a straight tube shape.

How to roll the perfect joint

2. Blunt

A blunt is usually rolled using a cigar casing that's been emptied and filled with dry herbs, but sometimes a real tobacco leaf paper is utilized instead.

How to roll four different kinds of blunts

3. Spliff

A spliff is a regular cannabis roll that is filled with a combination of tobacco and dried herbs. Sometimes a regular paper is used while others might prefer a tobacco leaf paper, but either way, it is still a spliff.

Blunt vs joint vs spliff

4. Rose joint

A rose joint AKA rose blunt is a regular cannabis roll only the petals of roses are dried, stuck together, and then used in place of typical marijuana rolling papers.

What is a rose blunt and how to roll one

5. Twax joint

A twax joint is a neat twist on a regular joint that adds the potency and flavor, or marijuana concentrate which can be added to either the inside or outside of the rolling paper.

All about twax joints including how to roll one in 5 easy steps

6. Rainbow blunt

A rainbow blunt can be almost any size and can even be rolled with a tobacco paper. The main difference between a typical joint and this one is the number of strains that are used in its making. A rainbow joint should contain seven different marijuana strains per roll, one to represent each color in the rainbow.

DIY  How to make a rainbow blunt

7. Moon Rocket

A moon rocket is a combination of a few different cannabis rolls that have been combined into one. Dry marijuana is added to a rolling paper that is equipped with a filter and then rolled into a cone shape. Once the glue strip has dried, the outer layer of the paper is coated in a thin layer of cannabis concentrate like BHO before it is rolled in a fine kief.

All about Moon Rockets  Including how to make your own at home

8. Cone joint

A cone joint is a marijuana rolling paper that is filled with cannabis, equipped with a filter, and then rolled into a cone shape that narrows towards the mouthpiece.

9. Dutch Tulip

A Dutch tulip is a fancy cannabis roll that generally only the most experienced rollers will attempt. It takes many folds to form two squares, which are pulled to hold the whole thing together. Usually, more extensive rolling papers that can be cut to the ideal size are used, but some will attempt to create one with regular sized types as well.

10. Backrolled joint

A backrolled joint is a regular joint that's been rolled backward so that a significant portion of the paper can be removed without interfering with the roll.



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