The best people to talk to if you want to learn more about weed

Published Jul 6, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Most people who use cannabis like to think that they know a whole lot about it, but the reality is with the amount of misinformation in circulation, the majority of consumers believe more half-truths or complete myths than anything. That’s a terrifying concept considering the fact that it’s now a legal and widely available substance in many parts of the world, but it’s the truth.

Many cannabis users and people who are considering it have no idea where to turn for real and reliable information about the plant, as the truth is hidden beneath layers of decades worth of lies, bold claims, and manipulation. With the scarcity of such valuable information alongside a lingering taboo that can make it uncomfortable to talk about, it can be a challenge finding trustworthy sources if you want to learn something new, which is why we’ve compiled this list of some of the best folks to check out first.

1. Friends and family members

Since cannabis can be a difficult topic to introduce and be open about with just anyone, one of the best places to start is inside of your closest circles of friends and family members. In some cases, you might find that an expert opinion isn’t necessary, and that’s when those who we can be ourselves around can be helpful, even if their only experience is with smoking it or being close to someone else that does.

You might not want to mention it to someone who you know is deadest against the idea, but if you’re seeking helpful information, then going to the source and finding people who at least know a bit about how to use it is a really good place to start. You just never know what you might discover, and if you have a specific question in mind, then they might know someone else who can help, so it’s a win-win situation either way.

2. Look to skill share within the community

If you’ve tried asking everyone that you can think of from your friends and family, and turn up empty-handed, then it might take a bit more work but don’t get discouraged, as you’re surrounded by people every single day that you don’t know who might be of more assistance. That’s right! Your friends, neighbors, and really anyone else who might be interested in trading skills could be helpful.

Think about a skill set that you have that might be useful to either teach to or do for other people. Perhaps you’re a professional in the kitchen, or maybe you can give tips and tricks on building or painting. If you don’t have a sought after skill, then chances are pretty good that you could assist someone who knows about weed in some other way, and the best way to get started with this is by using a skill share platform that can connect you with other like-minded individuals who may also benefit from such an arrangement.

3. Your librarian

Of course, it’d be really incredible if your librarian toked on the regular, or was an expert in the field, but that’s not exactly what we mean here. Sure, it’s totally plausible that your librarian could love weed, but the real gold that you’ll get from approaching one of these people is a solid direction in which way to look for the most relevant information to your particular situation.


Libraries are treasure troves of helpful information, and cannabis is typically included unless it is a public-school facility that screens its reading materials. Most regular old public libraries are filled to the brim with books about weed and that could help you to learn something new. In some cases, if they don’t have what you need, they can find it at another location in just a few minutes, so this is a convenient option that’s perfect for anyone who has access to one.

4. Budtenders

So far, we’ve mentioned some pretty fantastic people that could help you out, but sometimes you just have to keep on trying until you find someone that is willing and capable, so if those folks didn’t work out, then the next best place to head to is your local budtender. A budtender is a person that sits behind the counter at your local dispensary, and it’s their job to recommend products or strains that are right for customers.

Though many consumers view these people as holding standard sales positions that could involve a bunch of lying, they have some of the best connections with cannabis compared to anyone else. They work directly with medical patients who require a different level of care, and they hear first-hand accounts from recreational consumers too. So, whether your problem is growing, or some other question about weed, then a budtender might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

5. Learn something new through a college or university professor

Having someone who is willing to work out a skill share arrangement for an affordable rate is great, but there are some people who spend their whole lives teaching people about cannabis, so if you haven't gotten help anywhere else yet, then you might want to do a bit of research to see what sort of online or in-person options are available for you to further your education formally.

If money is an issue, then you can even look at free college courses that will at least cover the basics so that you know if it would be worth your time, money, and energy to dive even further into the cannabis industry. Many of which are available to take at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home, so that you don’t have to give up a job or pay more for childcare to make it happen for real. Though it might take a bit longer, and be more formal, this is one of the ways out there to learn more about weed.

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