The best medical marijuana books of 2019

Published Jan 2, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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The best way to learn about anything is to grab a good book or books and dive into the subject to inhale all of the information that you can. Some people would like to learn about medical marijuana before they speak to a doctor so they can decide if it is right for them to want to try. For whatever symptoms they may be having. But with so many books available, what do you choose? We have made a great list of the best medical cannabis books of 2019 to help you chose a great read loaded with all kinds of valuable information.

1. Cannabis Pharmacy. The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

This book offers up to date information about medical marijuana and the endocannabinoid system, which is known to control appetite, emotion and memory. This book also holds information about cannabis dosing and E-cigarettes. How to prepare for dosing with medical cannabis and how to adjust your dosage.Great info on different varieties of cannabis. Also, how to make medical marijuana in your own life for your ailments. Great read!

Author: Micheal Becks

2. CBD- A Patients Guide to Health with Medicinal Cannabis

This book is a practical guide on CBD dominant Cannabis and contains a plethora of information for first those that might not have any knowledge of medicinal Cannabis, or for those that have lots of experience and want to learn more about the psychoactive effects of medicinal cannabis and the many ailments, it can provide relief. It also gives some up-to-date information on tinctures c02 concentrated extracts and capsules. The data cleverly organized by health conditions and by CBD rich strains that do not produce the highs that the THC molecule gives. It also includes information about CBD and pets along with dosage and different ailments out four-legged friends may be having. Very rich in all kinds of valuable information.

Author: Leonard Leinow, and, Juliana Birnbaum

3. Cannabis for Chronic Pain

This book is very nicely written by a holistic family physician that has treated over 6,000 chronic pain patients a very informative guide on treating chronic pain. The author explains how medical cannabis is a very safe alternative to opiates. If you are suffering from anxiety, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancer, or from the treatment of cancer, this book might be the read you need.

Author: Dr. Rev Ivker

4. The Medical Marijuana Guide


This book has some humor Dr.frye was allowed to practice cannabis as a treatment she then spent time and educated herself, and in this very informative book, she reveals her knowledge about cannabis and all the benefits it has in regards to medicinal use. This helpful guide will give you a good understanding of marijuana and how you might benefit.

Author: DR.Patricia Frye

5. Hemp Oil and CBD

This book is a beginner's guide. It will guide you in learning everything you need to know about CBD and Hemp oil and all the therapeutic value they hold. For many different ailments like anxiety, inflammation.How CBD and hemp oil can help stimulate your appetite and induce a restful pain-free night's sleep. An excellent read for those just starting to educate themselves on CBD and all the benefits that you can gain from the CBD molecules.

Author: Pual Jackson

6. The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis

This book goes into detail about Cannabinoid preparation. While providing your intellect with analytical chemistry and the latest issues involved in cannabis-based products. This book is full of knowledge for the cannabis minded wanting to enhance their level of education on the cannabinoid and all the benefits that the cannabis plant can provide.

Author: Brian Thomas and Mahmoud ElSohly

There are many excellent books available and probably some yet to be published. Reading a good book is the best way to learn about cannabis and all the healing benefits you can get from medical cannabis.

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