The benefits of using the terpene Limonene

Published Sep 28, 2019 01:01 p.m. ET
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What do Terpenes have to do with your relationship with the marijuana plant?

Terpenes provide the smell, the aroma, the attraction, and the effects of every strain of marijuana plant. Terpenes also help to enhance some of the health benefits provided by the other elements of the marijuana plant like cannabinoids and terpenoids. They accomplish this either on their own or synergistically with other terpenes, THC, or CBD.

Fun terpene facts

  1. Most of the research conducted on the terpenes of the marijuana plant involves individual terpenes.

  2. Limonene is found in cannabis, but it is also produced by the lavender plant which is known to provide antianxiety effects.

  3. The terpenes in the marijuana plant are secreted from the same glands that will provide you with THC and CBD, the two most active compounds in the marijuana plant.

  4. Terpenes are the aromatic, beautiful oils that have distinctive intoxicating and healthy flavours including berry, mint, pine, and citrus.

  5. The terpene that is in your marijuana plant could make the difference in how your cannabis experience unfolds.

  6. Limonene happens to be the second most common terpene and an extremely noticeable terpene in the cannabis culture. Limonene, one of the many terpenes found in the marijuana plant, is recognizable by its mouth-watering citrus aroma. The aroma reminds one of lemon, grapefruit or perhaps tangerine.

  7. The different strains of marijuana have different levels of limonene with genetics of the marijuana plant play a significant role in the quantity present.

  8. The curing process and chosen growing techniques can influence the level of limonene in your marijuana plant.

  9. The only guaranteed way to correctly assess the level of limonene in your marijuana plant is by lab testing.


The benefits of limonene

The potential therapeutic benefits of limonene are numerous. Studies are ongoing for the benefits of how limonene works on the body and the brain. However,  when some of the studies have been conducted, they seem  to show, that when used correctly and in higher doses, limonene can aid in:

  • Relieving stress
  • Elevating moods
  • May help in the relief of gastric reflux
  • Has anti-fungal properties
  • Will help in the absorption of other terpenes and chemicals, through the mucous membranes and digestive tract

Well-known limonene packed strains

Unfortunately, most marijuana plant products do not advertise of label terpene content, making the task of finding a high limonene strain a difficult task. If you aren’t sure where to start, then these six popular strains are perfect.

  1. Hindu Kush:37.1% limonene will be the assistance needed to combat pain, stress, and insomnia

  2. Dirty Girl: 34.6% limonene Producing happy, relaxed and creative experiences

  3. Lemon G: 28.3% Is a Sativa hybrid guaranteed to provide an uplifting, pleasant, comfortable experience mingled with a mouth-watering strong lemon fragrance. This is the perfect strain to defeat stress, pain, and depression

  4. Blob OG: 27.9% This incredible strain will conquer depression, anxiety, headaches, and pain.

  5. Cinex: 25% A Sativa hybrid is providing clear-headed effects, capable of erasing depression, stress, and pain while enjoying an aromatic lemon note.

  6. Emerald Jack: This strain has 21.4% limonene and will assist with the relief of depression, pain, and stress.

10 High Limonene terpene cannabis strains of 2019


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