The average cost of dabs in Canada

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:57 p.m. ET

Dabbing is done by vaporizing cannabis extract with an ultra-heated rod often referred to as a nail. When the heated element is pressed to the concentrate, it produces vapors that can then be inhaled by the user. Dabbing has become much more prevalent in recent years within the pot paraphernalia market, and now has an entirely separate section that caters to dabbers with dab specific devices like rigs, butane torches, and then, of course, the concentrates themselves. Concentrates are condensed mixtures of various consistencies that contain high levels of terpenes, THC or CBD, and many other beneficial cannabinoids. Dabs include only the purest forms of concentrates including Hash, Hash Oil, Shatter, Kief, Moon Rocks, Rosin, Sugar Wax, Budder, Crumble, Bubba Hash, and CO2 oils. So just how much is a gram of dabs going to cost you?

Dab prices

The exact price of a cannabis extract will depend on the quality, extraction process used or method of making, and then, of course, the supplier. Making your dabs is always cheaper but isn’t the best option for those who don’t have a safe space to prepare it. Instead, we will focus on average prices of various concentrations used in dabbing and where they can be purchased by Canadians.

Shatter wax price - $30-$40 per gram
Where to purchase:
Check out http://getwhitepalm.com/product/pink-kush-shatter-budda-canna/ where you will find some of the most potent Pink Kush Shatter currently on the market for $30 for one gram, $80 for three grams, $145 for six grams, or $225 for nine grams.

Hash price - $15-$20 per gram
Where to purchase:
If you are looking for a reputable company that sells two different kinds of hash check out http://getwhitepalm.com/product-category/extracts/order-hash-online/ where you will find Pink Afghani Hash for $45 for three grams, $85 for six grams or $120 for nine grams, or Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash priced at $75 for three grams, $145 for six grams, and $215 for nine grams.

Butane hash oil price - $50-$60 per gram
Where to Purchase:
www.leaf2go.ca carries a wide range of BHO’s including CBD only strings. You also have the option of either making some of your own or visiting your local dispensary. The average dispensary price for butane hash oil is $40-$50 for a ten-milliliter syringe.

Kief price - $10 per gram
Kief may be the biggest bang for your buck deal listed. It sells for the same price as an average gram but contains more than double the THC content of the dried herb it is extracted from.
Where To Purchase: If you want to score a bit of kief to try, check out http://www.leaf2go.ca/AAA-Kief-1g--Medi-Bud_p_4315.html were it is only sold by the gram.


Moon Rocks price - $40-$100 per gram
Where to Purchase:
Moon Rocks are a hot topic and sold for a wide range of prices due to the different variables to be considered such as the quality of bud, oil, and kief used to create these little masterpieces. Visit http://www.cheapweed.ca/?post_type=product&s=Moon=Rock to view a wide selection of moon rocks for an average of $40-$75 per gram.

Rosin price- $45-$55 per gram
Where to Purchase:
Rosin comes in two forms, liquid or pucks with the pucks being on average the more potent and most expensive of the two. If you visit http://getwhitepalm.com/product-category/extracts/order-rosin-online/ you will have three different options. Each puck contains one gram and is created using the Pink Bubba or Zombie strains for $50 per gram, $95 for two grams, or $140 for three. With the third option being Rockstar Kush Rosin for $45 for one gram or $120 for three.

Crumble/Budder - $30-$50 per gram
Where To Purchase:
You can find high quality has oil by visiting http://getwhitepalm.com/product/sea-to-sky-bruce-banner-budder/ where it is sold for $40 per gram or $110 per three grams.

CO2 oils price - $50-$70 per gram
Where To Purchase:
Visit http://thefarmacy.ca/product/co3-pure-oils-and-distillates where you will find a wide range of sizes and prices. Oils are generally sold in amounts smaller than a gram and can contain anywhere from 6% to 80% THC or CBD.


According to current Canadian Law, all tinctures and concentrates are completely illegal to purchase or sell unless it is directly from a licensed producer. As of now, there are no licensed producers of any of the above-listed products. Purchase at your own risk and avoid any websites with negative reviews as the majority of these companies will require an e transfer as your method of payment which is untraceable in the end.



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