The 5 best ways to keep your bong in one functional piece

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:57 a.m. ET

If you have any experience with glass cannabis smoking pieces than you likely already have an idea of how breakable they can be. I have broken well over 25 bongs, 11 pipes, and various other weed smoking devices, so I speak from personal experience when I say that it sucks, but I have managed to pick up some pretty neat tricks along the way that you can use to avoid it. Today we will talk about the five best ways to keep your bong from breaking which include tips for when you are using it as well as when your tool of choice is locked safely away in storage.

Proper care

Though some tools like a gravity bong or dabber go through a bit more regular wear and tear damage than others, the fact is that every single time you use a device, it will slowly degrade the materials that it is made with. There are a few ways you can tackle the regular maintenance of a bong or pipe.

  1. The first is obvious, to clean it daily, especially if you use it regularly. All smoking tools should be thoroughly taken apart and cleaned which will improve the taste as well as the life expectancy of your piece.
  2. The second is a bit less noticeable as many cannabis users feel that all lighters or heating elements are essentially the same. That is most definitely not the case and introducing a temperature that is higher than the material it is made from can cause hairline cracks and fractures making it more susceptible to irreparable damage once it’s jostled a bit the wrong way.
  3. The last tip is similar to that of the excessive heating issues, and it is usually caused by chemicals that are used to clean equipment. Often even brands that advertise their products safety will use additives that could be slowly degrading the materials of your device. Always use the most natural cleaning solution possible and utilize soft and flexible tools like cotton swabs or paper towels instead of wire brushes.


Have you ever noticed that when you tip over a bong the part that most frequently breaks is the glass bowl protruding from the side? That is because replaceable bowls are rarelymade using the same base material as the bong they fit into. They also have a weak spot due to their narrow stem that is only built to withstand a minimal amount of resistance. If you want to protect your bong from getting broken than it is always a good idea to take it apart before putting it away no matter how you store it.

Storage case


The best way to protect your bong will always be to store it in a safe case. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean just any drawer or box. The ideal storage container will be made for your specific device. If that isn’t an option than the next best thing is to find something with a soft liner that snugly fits the measurements of your bong. Thick of trying on new shoes, when you try on a pair that is too loose there is way too much movement which leads to blisters and other discomforts. It’s the same thing with bong cases; you want the smallest amount of givepossible while also being contained within a casing that can withstand some added pressure. The toughest bong storage containers will be lined with softstyrofoam and encased in an aged oak or metal like steel or aluminum. If you choose a design that also offers cannabis storage than be sure those glass jars are stored separately from the piece to avoid breaking. You can find high-quality bong storage cases at your local head shop, or online for between $50-$200.


As much as those cheap $20 gravity bongs may be appealing at first glance, chances are they are made using a material that matches the cheap price. Ask your local head shop owner what they have in stock that is made using high quality glass. One experiment conducted on the breakability of smoking devices showed that those made with thin glass or what is often called plastic glass are 2 or more times likely to break in a fall. So don’t go cheap and insist on well-made devices to avoid any potential breaking.

Put it away

One of the most annoying breaks is when your bong is caught in a bad situation for merely being in the way when you aren’t even using it. No matter what kind of bong you buy, what material it is made of, or what storage case you invest in, none of it matters if you don’t remember to put it away each time you use it.



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