THC powder vs CBD powder

Published Feb 22, 2019 02:12 p.m. ET

What is THC powder?

 THC powder aka THC isolate is a concentrated form of cannabis extract that contains 99% THC content and is the most potent marijuana-based product on the market. Much like with CBD powder, THC powder is the result of removing all unnecessary chemicals or plant materials like oils, wax, and chlorophyll. THC powder does contain the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol which will get you high no matter how it is taken.  

What is CBD powder?

CBD powder aka CBD isolate is a cannabis concentrate that contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids. It comes in a dry crystal form and the most concentrated form of CBD even when compared to tinctures. CBD powder contains none of the psychoactive chemical THC, therefore, is for medicinal purposes only and will not get you high.  CBD isolate contains no other plant matter, waxes, or oils and is 99% CBD cannabinoid pure.

How to make THC powder (Or CBD Powder)

What THC and CBD powder both have in common is that they are made in the same way, only using a different plant as a base to extract from. CBD powder is generally made with a high producing CBD strain such as cannabis sativa or hemp plants. CO2 is used to remove the hemp oil from the plant material which results in an oil. The next step is the purifying process. This process is to filter the oil further to remove any impurities such as wax, excess plant materials, including THC and everything else that is not CBD. The results of the purification process are an average of 99% CBD powder. Unfortunately, the process of purification can be dangerous and is not recommended to try at home. Both THC and CBD powders should only be made by professionals.

How to use THC powder and how to use CBD powder

Wondering how either of these strange powdery substances could be ingested for the most benefit? Well, there are several options when using either one to suit anyone's taste and need.

  1. Add to Vape Juice- Using a small amount of heat you can add THC isolate into any vape juice to give yourself a controlled high.

  2. How to Make THC Water- THC water is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to ingest THC powder. To make your cannabis-infused refreshing glass of water, you will need a small pot, some water, and some THC powder. Bring one cup of water to a boil before adding half a teaspoon of THC isolate. Once the crystals have fully dissolved, pour the mixture into a jug and refrigerate to cool it. After one hour you should have a potent glass of water ready to enjoy.

  • Add to Any Hot Beverage- Looking for an extra pick me up with your morning coffee? Try half of a teaspoon of THC powder added directly into your steaming hot drink of choice before adding milk or sugar.

  • Smoke it- Smoking THC powder or CBD powder is a unique and powerful experience. Smoking pure powder may be a bit rough, but some people love it. If you don’t have a device with a fine mesh screen suitable to hold the powder, then try sprinkling a layer on top of an already packed bowl or mix a bit in with a joint. No matter which way you smoke it be prepared for an intense impact. CBC will not get you high like THC will, but it will still be effective for those using it to treat other symptoms.

  • Smoothies- Add either powder to any flavored smoothie by adding a half of a teaspoon per serving of powder. When THC powder is added to smoothies, it is a much slower full body effect than smoking.

  • Sauces- When sauces are almost complete and simmering before serving either CBD or THC powder can be added if using THC powder than simmer for an additional five minutes before using.

  • Baking- Baking is an all-time favorite of those looking to get the benefits of either cannabinoid without the adverse effects that can come with some other methods of ingestion. Either CBD powder or THC powder can be added to any batter before it is baked, or to the icing you use. Since neither powder has any taste or smells it will not affect the flavor or texture of the dish at all.

  • Topical- Either powder can be used topically by adding either isolate to coconut oil or cream as a base. Because this is 100% natural, you can put it anywhere including homemade THC tampons and cream for a more centralized attack on pain.

  • Add to Other Concentrates- This is most frequently done with THC powder by mixing the crystals with an oil or wax adding to the overall potency of the product.

  • CBD powder VS THC powder

    Ultimately which one is more desirable will depend on the affects you are searching for. While CBD products are more frequently considered to be medicinal and do offer a myriad of health benefiting qualities that THC in and of itself does not. However, that does not mean that if you are treating a health problem that you would not benefit from THC. CBD has anti Inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for those who have chronic pain due to inflammation, but sometimes THC is more effective at immediately treating the pain that is present. In many cases, a person can benefit from using both in moderation.



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