Ten best vaporizing weed tips

Published Mar 14, 2019 12:31 p.m. ET

Looking for some tips and tricks to efficiently use your dry herb vaporizer? If so, you have come to just the right place. While vaping is quickly growing in popularity, the majority of these tools are rarely used or cared for the way that they should be. Including the best temperature to vape weed at and some useful maintenance tips to assist you in achieving the best vaping experience possible.

1. Use a grinder

When using a dry leaf vaporizer, it is always best to use a grinder to break down your bud before vaping it. The finer you can get it the better, as thick chunks will be much more difficult for a lower temperature vape pen to completely vaporize leaving behind residual waste that you don’t get to enjoy fully. It also allows the user more control over the size of the toke as it will consistently and evenly burn with each inhalation.

2. Moisture

Fresh weed should never be put through a vaporizer without proper curing first. Even if your bud just has a high moisture content after being cured, it can hinder the dry herb vaporizers ability to heat it to the correct temperature. Make sure that your bud is completely dry before trying to use it in a vape.

3. Best temperature to vape at

Not all vape pens allow for much control in the temperature. To achieve the ideal temperature, you will need to decide what kind of experience you are looking for. Those who prefer smaller hauls will benefit from a lower temperature of between 325 F, and 350 F. The best temperature to vape weed at that is considered foolproof or optimal is 350 F to 375 F which will provide an even burn with for medium-sized hauls. The highest temperature range for vaping that should never be exceeded is 375 F to 400 F which will create thick clouds of vapor relatively quickly.

4. Completely pack it

If you are using a dry herb vaporizer one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not packing the chamber to its fullest capacity. This can be difficult to do for those who are trying to conserve their green, but the resultsare well worth it as you end up with a nice even and efficient burn that will last longer than if you divided it in half and packed it twice.

5. Preheat

Trying to inhale off of a vaporizer with a cold chamber isn’t likely going to get you anywhere. If you want to feel the fullest effects from each and every haul, it is best to let your dry herb vaporizer heat up in between each use.


6. Use a big chamber

Larger is almost always better. Not only will a session last longer if the chamber is bigger, but you will also have more control over the size of each haul and the amount you vaporize with each hit. While it may come at an additional cost, upgrading to a dry herb vaporizer that has a larger chamber is one of the best vaporizing weed tips on this list.

7. Slow inhale

Many folks start out vaping as experienced smokers and treat their dry herb vaporizers in a similar fashion by taking large hauls as fast as possible as you would expect to do with a smoke or a joint. Drawing off a vape too quickly can cool the chamber which will lower the temperature you pen is trying to heat to. For the most efficient draw, you want slow, lengthy hauls that are nicely spaced out giving the pen time to warm back up between each use.

8. Battery quality

The battery located inside your dry herb vaporizer should be made part of your regular vape maintenance. Visual inspections should be done regularly to ensure there are no leaks or damage that could be potentially dangerous. Since the battery is what powers the vape coil, it is essential you use a battery that is powerful enough to maintain the temperatures your pen is built to function at. Always follow your user manual when replacing new batteries to avoid low powered disappointing vape clouds.

9. Vape maintenance

No matter what the trade, tools maintenance is an essential part of making sure that they last. Regular cleaning and inspection of all vape components should be done regularly to achieve an optimal flavor experience and to maintain a consistent clean vape each time you use it. The most important thing to remember is to clean out your tank and any chambers. A clog in any of these areas can render your vape completely useless and is a lot more difficult to clean once it gets so aged it reaches a tar-like consistency.

10. High-quality screen

One of the last talked about vaporizing weed tips is choosing glass screens. A glass screen like the honeycomb glass screen will help to produce more vapor. A glass screen will last long term if it is cleaned regularly and can dramatically improve the overall functioning of a dry herb vaporizer.



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