Step by step guide to rolling a braided joint

Published Mar 16, 2019 12:01 p.m. ET

Growing tired of the same old boring joints? Looking for something a bit more unique to spice things up? If so then the braided joint might just be for you. A braided joint is just like any other type of rolled cannabis with the difference being the technique used to incorporate multiple joints into one. This allows for a much more significant amount of weed than you would typically use rolling any average blunt or joint and is incredibly visually appealing making it a fun experience. This rolling tutorial will include how to prepare weed for a joint, what kind of papers you could potentially use to create one and then, of course, detailed steps to make a braid joint on your own at home.  

How to Prepare Weed for a Joint

The same rules apply when rolling a braided joint as they do to any other roll. However, the focus may be slightly different after it has been prepared. To begin, you will need either a grinder (electric or manual), a grinding card, scissors, or patience if you must use your hands. The bud should be evenly ground to provide the most efficient and even burn. Any large chunks can easily interfere with how well a braided joint will stay lit even more so than a regular roll. You want all three braids to burn at the same time, so for the best effect, you will want a fine grind that contains no seed or stem pieces.

Type of Papers for Braiding Joints

The kind of paper you use will affect how the joint tastes, smokes and smells. They can also either hinder or help your ability to make a larger braided joint. Since a braided joint requires three joints that are wound together, it is usually easiest to use the largest rectangular papers you can find. If you want to get creative, you can ever go so far as to braid rose petal joints or Thai Sticks but to begin, we recommend a more basic paper to get the hang of it.

Rolling Tutorial for a Braided Joint

If you have some experience rolling regular joints than this one shouldn’t be too much of a step forward. However, if you are new to rolling in general than you may want to practice just basic joints and blunts before attempting a braided joint. To make a braided joint that smokes evenly, you will need to have the ability to roll several joints that are straight and similar in size which can be difficult for even the most experienced stoners. Before you begin glance over the list of necessary items you will need.


  • 1 grinder
  • 6 king size rolling papers (or the equivalent)
  • paper for filters (optional)
  • 10 glue strips (that have been cut from rolling papers)
  • 3.5 grams of cannabis

Steps to make a braid joint

The amount of herb you use can vary, but with it, the number of other materials may also need to be adjusted. Using 6 king size papers you can generally roll anywhere from 3.5 grams to 7 grams before needing to make any changes.

Step 1- Grind your weed using whatever grinding tool you have at your disposal. An even grind is preferred. Remove any excess stems or seeds that could potentially puncture the rolling papers.


Step 2- If you do want to add filters to your braided joint than it will be easiest to get them ready before you begin rolling. Cut thin slices of thick paper to size and fold using accordion style movements. Set them aside for now.

Step 3- Using the six king sized papers you will need to roll three thin even joints that are as close in size as physically possible. You can do this by using three of the glue strips to attach the papers in sets of two lengthwise. Separate your ground herb into even piles before adding it to the papers and rolling them one by one. As you finish each one, you can install a filter at one end which will serve as the mouthpiece.

Step 4- Now you will need to loosen the herb a bit by gently rolling each joint between your fingers. This makes them more malleable and easily bent without breaking when you braid them.

Step 5- Stack the three joints you just rolled into a triangle shape and wrap them together using another glue strip. If it doesn't’ feel like it will hold add a second for good measure. You will not smoke the filter so that it won't affect the taste.

Step 6- Hold the stack up joints with the two that are side by side at the bottom. You will need to take the one on the right bottom side and fold it over top of the one in the middle. Then you will grab the opposite one from the left side and fold it over the one closest to it.

Step 7- Continue folding the outside joints inwards until you reach the end.

Step 8- Now you have two options. You can either attach all of the ends using another glue strip, or you can just twist off the tips of each joint using your fingers. If you choose not to attach the tips, your braid may come slightly undone, but in the end, the results will be the same.

Step 9- Now it’s time to spark up your braided joint. Use a lighter, torch, or matches to light all three tips. This is essential if you want to achieve an even burn. Draw through the filters, and you will be amazed by the powerful hit of smoke that you will get. Pass it or enjoy it alone just as you would any other joint.

Are you looking for something even more extravagant? Consider trying your skill at rolling a triple braided joint. You can do so by rolling three separate braided joints and then braiding them together. This works best if the joints are thin as the multiple layers can make them difficult to work with.



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