South Suburban College to offer virtual cannabis courses

Published May 30, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If your dream is to work in the cannabis industry, then it’s time to enroll at South Suburban College. Perhaps your hobby is learning all about the cannabis plant. If so, then look no further, as the South Suburban College is set to offer six virtual noncredit cannabis courses. Is there something that you want to know about the cannabis plant?

Cannabis jobs are not always the easiest to secure, so you’ll want your resume to be the highlight of the pile of probable applicants. History has proven that the best way to increase your knowledge and work towards getting certified in the industry is through education.

The legal cannabis market's growth in revenue is expected to be around 50 billion dollars by the year 2027. People who are looking to be part of the receiving end of the expected cash flow are preparing themselves for the positions in the industry that will be available. Cannabis jobs are becoming an attractive means of supporting the economy to some, and education could make the path much greener.

Location and legalization

Illinois is the 11th state in America that has legalized recreational marijuana for adult use. Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the bill active Jan 2020. The state has a population of 13 million people. Some of those are interested in learning more about the cannabis plant.

South Suburban College will be offering six virtual cannabis courses, including:

  • Cannabis law
  • How to cook with cannabis
  • How to prepare for employment at a cannabis dispensary
  • Opportunities in the cannabis industry
  • Introduction to Cannabis

Shirley Drewenski, the director of continuing education at South Suburban College, announces that the virtual courses are directed at those who are interested in cannabis is general and who perhaps are looking to seeking employment in the industry. Shirley is also proud of the Responsible Vendor Training course being offered, which will guide those looking for cannabis jobs or those interested in launching a dispensary to meet the state-mandated requirements.

What can I achieve from this course?

This course will teach you what regulatory requirements are necessary for anyone interested in entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. The course will also cover the expectations of the state and local governments.


Credited or non-credited, which is right for you?

South Suburban College is not alone in offering virtual cannabis programs. Higher educational institutes go further in the virtual cannabis learning space to provide credited cannabis courses. Some of the best online colleges for cannabis certification education include:

  • Oaksterdam University was founded in 2007 and is the first cannabis college in the United States. The university offers online and in-person courses.

  • Cannabis Training University (CTU) very extensive courses this is an online-only course

  • Clover Leaf University is located in Colorado and is the first accredited university to achieve approval regulatory and licensing privileges from the Colorado of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board.

  • Trichome Institute, located in Denver, offers three different course certifications. The school offers the latest technology and cannabis-centered research.

Cooking with cannabis classes you wont want to miss in Toronto Ontario


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