Some of the biggest grow tents for weed

Published Nov 26, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Now that weed is legal, its much more comfortable to grow your own. Here are the legal limits as of October 17/2018.

You can grow four plants per household legally! Grow tents are a great alternative to trying to create a grow room, and they offer all of the conditions needed for a great crop. They come in various sizes and price ranges depending how whether you want to grow in dirt or a hydroponic setup, which is why grow tents are used by plant lovers of all kinds.

All of the equipment that you need is available online for grow tents to provide a regulated environment including nutrients, temperature, lighting, water, and humidity schedules. Here, you will read about some of the biggest grow tents available in 2019 for both home growers and professional growers.

1. Lagarden grow tents

The two in one grow design is a great feature that makes it so that you can have plants growing and clones in the same tent. That is an excellent value with multiple entry points and translucent plastic for viewing, an all-black outer layer, an additional outer layer made up of 210d lightproof oxford cloth, and an inner layer of reflective diamond mylar that is insulated and waterproof. Access points are all around the tent, including large doors and smaller windows. This tent is optimal for high-quality cannabis grow op and they have a broad range of sizes to choose from.

Size: 120 “x 120”x 78”

2. Gorilla grow tents

These tents are amazing and come in an extensive range of sizes. Gorilla grow tents are the tallest and thickest grow tents on the market and can extend up to 10 tall. Gorilla tents come with large easy view windows. These grow tents offer a 360-degree doorway for convenient access. Great for hydroponics, all the gorilla grow tents are light proof and provide an excellent environment for your buds to thrive.

Size: 10 x 20”x 611”

3. Vivo Sun grow tents

Vivo is made from an extra-strong canvas transparent viewing window. Heavy-duty metal bars for hanging heavy equipment. These grow tents are high quality and very durable which is why they will last for many years. They have all the great features for an excellent grow tent, and every Vivo is made of 600d plastic that is tear-proof double stitched for light blocking. Vivo also has the longest-lasting zipper on the market made with heavy-duty metal that is located on all doors. Theses grow tents require no tools and are easy to assemble. These grow tents comes in five different sizes, with the most significant being listed below.

Size: 96” x 48”x 80”

4. Topo Grow grow tents
Topo tents have a distinctive design allowing you to have seedlings and mature plants at the same time. Divided into two chambers, the smaller one has a twin tier shelf for multiple clones or seedlings, and the larger chamber is meant for grown cannabis, and it is made of high-quality 300d canvas with reflective mylar on the inside. The Topo grow tent comes with a flood-proof tray, and each one is made with sturdy metal.

Size: 60” x 48”x 80”

5. Indo

This grow tent made from 1680d ballistic nylon is super sturdy basketweave one of the most durable on the market with oxford mylar fabric. Indo is easy to assemble with steel tube and corner connectors, good quality zippers. Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning.Adjustable dual sock ports for ventilation and wiring.

Size: 120” x 120”x 80”

6. Bloom grow

This grow tent is ideal for hydroponics with a plastic corner tray for indoor grow .tent cover inside 90% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar — a heavy-duty 600d lightproof oxford. White paint coated metal rods .heavy duty zippers and double stitched to avoid light leaks around vents with mesh for better ventilation this tent is a quick no tool required set up.

Size: 120” x 120”x 78”


7. Luma grow

This luma grow tent has heavy-duty zippers and a silver mylar waterproof liner, durable terylene polyester black outer lining, removable silver mylar floor lining, mesh air vents on three sides with light-proof flaps, and powder-coated steel poles with ceiling support. Quick and easy assembly.

Size: 300” x 300”x 200”

8. Oppolite indoor grow kit tent

This grow tent is a full kit that comes with everything you may need for an excellent crop.1200 wat led grow light with a lifetime of 50000 hours. High par very sufficient light spectrum super light penetration powerful cooling fan system inside simple aluminum PCB runs 80 %cooler.Excellent for growing fruit vegetables and herbs.

Size: 500” x 330”x 110”

9. Fusion Hut

This adjustable grow tent is 100% lightproof 1680d oxford diamond cloth the thickest cloth available with some of the most durable poles on the market. Industrial zippers seal shut for many lightproof vents for fans and filters. Fantastic grow tent for herbs, fruit, and of course, cannabis. Great for use with 400w,600w, and 1000w lights .with a secure setup.

Size: 20” x 10”x 7” (aka 8 square feet)

10. Sun hut

This tent is large enough to hold the largest trays on the market! Has a “U” shaped door to allow complete access to your grow, and durable tent stitching that is reinforced in high wear areas. The frame has galvanized steel poles with quick connect corners plastic corners ensuring easy setup. The Sun tent is great for huge grow ops.

Size: 4ft x 8ft

There are many high quality grow tents on the market, and they come in all sizes. For those that are just starting, there are some full kit choices out there that come with everything that you could possibly ever need. The prices vary, so there is something out there that we can all afford.

Some things to keep in mind

  • You need to have both a good power source and water source nearby to make your cannabis plants thrive.

  • When growing do lots of research, and don’t forget that cannabis.wiki has some excellent information for all your cannabis needs.

  • Growing cannabis is a form of art.

  • Just watching the cannabis grow is a rewarding accomplishment.

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