Some of the best marijuana news sources in the world

Published Dec 20, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Marijuana is a newsworthy plant, and as such many news sources are stepping up on distributing marijuana news. Perhaps the increased legalization of recreational and medicinal pot gives a reason for some of the heightened interest. Below are some of the most newsworthy online marijuana sites that are worth taking a look at.

  1. is an online information newspaper specifically focused towards pot and hemp. Every issue delivers current news about marijuana and exciting stories on drug war news. Political information and some of the most interesting grow stories, while not forgetting to educate on the historic interest of the marijuana plant.

The dedication of the magazines aims to liberate cannabis and to free pot-growing prisoners around the world while providing information about pot, marijuana or cannabis. They support whichever term you like to use, which is part of why the site is worth mentioning. Some of the best marijuana photographers have submitted eye-catching bud shots to this site, and it is getting ready to celebrate its 26th anniversary in 2020.

  1. provides information and education in all aspects of cannabis. The teaching segments include:
  • The Plant
  • The Laws
  • The History
  • CBD
  • Dictionary

This site provides an online educational resource for both the experienced connoisseur and the novice cannabis user. has been providing a cannabis space for retailers, physicians, consumers brands, and patients to connect since 2008.

  1. is an online resource for everything cannabis, including culture, entertainment, legalization and hard-hitting cannabis news. This site has been providing cannabis service news since 1974. This site continues to be dedicated to connecting people with the most current and relevant information while having a serious look at the numerous health benefits and business opportunities of the cannabis plant.

  2. has a mission to connect those interested in cannabis by way of a fully integrated media platform intended to support the growth of the cannabis industry. The resources available here are directed to educate service industry professionals and marijuana connoisseurs. The universal outlet provides accessible dispensaries, doctors and business a global platform which can organize and promote access to industry professionals and legal entities. was launched in 2016.

  • is the site for people who are wanting to talk about pot. Ideas, food news and medical inspirations are all shared on this site. This is the site of the first legal recreational sale in the modern world. The sale was conducted on January 1, 2014. This site spans the globe, delivering weekly news coverage featuring strain reviews, business articles, lifestyle profiles and much more.

  • has been providing pertinent information to the budding cannabis user since 2012. Robert Bergman is the founder of the site. His mission is to share his 20 years of cannabis and knowledge to those that have the yearning to learn. Roberts's passion for the marijuana plant started in his homeland of Amsterdam, and by the mid 90's he was growing marijuana in industrial-sized grow rooms and incorporating lab breeding.

  • Many online sites provide pertinent information for the budding cannabis activist or just the average person who is looking for knowledge and information surrounding the amazing green plant. Take your time, and make sure to review some of the options mentioned here, to help you to expand your education on marijuana and the plant's recreational and medicinal benefits.

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