Slang terms about the quality of cannabis

Published Apr 21, 2019 10:26 a.m. ET
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Cannabis culture has been evolving throughout history, to give meaning to words that make experiences with consuming, growing, and selling marijuana plant products a little easier to understand for everyone involved. Unfortunately, due to its illegal status for years, some of the most common cannabis slang terms are meant to be difficult to translate by outsiders when the subject is brought up in a public space or talked about online. To help we set out to discover every slang term that we could find that relates to the quality of a marijuana plant or product. Welcome to the ultimate guide to cannabis slang definitions part two, where you will see all of the most popular terms alongside thoroughly explained descriptions so that you will know what they mean if you ever hear them yourself.

Bammer- Low-grade marijuana buds.

Backyard boogie- Weed plants that have been grown in someone's backyard outdoors.

Black gold- This cannabis slang term is typically used to reference high-quality marijuana
plants or products.

Bobby brown- Used to describe a low-quality weed.

Bong weed- Cannabis buds that for whatever reason are better when consumed using a bong.
Sometimes this is due to the natural stickiness of the plant, others it’s due to a lower
potency, and sometimes it is even just a matter of a slightly higher moisture level than what
agrees with other consumption methods like joints or blunts.

Bonj- Good quality marijuana plants or buds.

Brick weed- This term is generally used to refer to either low-quality cannabis or a cured byproduct that has been compacted into a brick shape to easily smuggle across the border. Unfortunately, the quality is seriously compromised in the process, and this is generally not a well-liked product.

Bubonic chronic- This cannabis term began as a running joke that chronic could be so good that it could give you the bubonic plague. Though we can’t be certain how that was funny once upon a time, the name stuck, and it is now used to refer to marijuana strains that produce high levels
of THC.

Buddha- Though we know that there is the infamous Buddha, this term in reference to cannabis
products generally means they have been spiked with opium.
Butt marijuana- Cannabis remaining from the insides of cannabis filled roaches.

Cam Trip- Cam trip weed means a high THC weed strain, marijuana plant, or product.

Cavite- Excellent quality cured cannabis flowers.

Chips- Chips has two uses that we could verify. The first was PCP laced tobacco, and the second is PCP laced marijuana products.
Chiba chiba- This slang term means a high-quality cured cannabis product from Columbia.
Christmas tree- This term is typically used to describe the expected effects of consuming marijuana buds and their effectiveness as an antidepressant and amphetamine.

Chron- Excellent quality cannabis buds or plants.
Chronic- It’s not uncommon to hear people refer to marijuana plants or flowers as chronic, as it is commonly used as an alternative term for any high-quality pot, weed, cannabis, etc. However, there are some who use it to describe buds or joints that have been laced with crack.

Crazy weed- Incredibly potent cannabis flowers.

Cripy- Marijuana strains that produce higher than average amounts of THC.

Cured concentrates- This term refers to marijuana plant products that were extracted from a plant that was allowed enough time to properly mature and cure, which leads to a higher quality product.

Dabs- Concentrated marijuana products that are high quality and 75% or higher THC.

Dank- Premium quality cannabis products or plants.

Dirty- A low-quality weed that has been laced with some sort of other chemicals.

Dirt grass- A low quality marijuana plant product.

Ditch weed- An inferior cured cannabis plant bud that contains a lot of leaves and is scraggly in appearance generally from Mexico.

Domestic- This cannabis term is used in reference to how the plant itself is grown. Marijuana plants that are grown locally to where they are sold are considered to be domestic.

Dosia- Excellent quality weed.

Drow- An unusually expensive and a high-quality marijuana plant or product.

Dust heroin- Marijuana flowers or pre-rolls that have been laced with various mind-altering chemicals like PCP.

Fine stuff- A high-quality marijuana plant products or bud.

Gauge- Cannabis remainings from the insides of cannabis filled roaches.

Golden leaf- Potent or high-quality marijuana plant’s or products.

Good giggles- This cannabis quality term is used to describe the effects that are to be expected
from consuming a particular marijuana plant strain product.

Grade- Used in reference to the scale that the quality of cannabis is typically weighed on.

Gresh- Marijuana buds that have been freshly cured.

Happy cigarette- used to describe cannabis products effects which are elating and leaves consumers feeling happy.


Hawaiian- Very potent cannabis bud flowers.

Herb and Al- This term is used to describe products like marijuana edibles that have been made in combination with alcohol.

Herbal- Used to describe the medicinal qualities of a particular cannabis product.

Hokus pokus- This term translates to either fake weed or cannabis that is of such low quality the person felt cheated or in the very least disappointed with their experience with a marijuana plant product.

Homegrown- Marijuana plant’s someone has cultivated themselves.

Hydro- This term is used to describe marijuana plants that have been grown hydroponically which means indoors, under ideal conditions, and not in regular soil. Generally considered to be a good quality product.
Indonesian bud marijuana- Opium laced cannabis products.

Krip- Marijuana plant products that kick in fast.

Kryptonite- This term is used to refer to incredibly powerful and high-quality cannabis buds.

Kush- Good quality marijuana plant buds that have been cured and are ready for consumption.

Loud weed- If you have ever smoked cannabis that had an incredibly strong aroma and flavor, then you have tried loud weed. This term describes marijuana plant products that are impossible to consume or possess discreetly.
Love boat marijuana- A low-quality street cannabis product that has been dipped in a chemical solution called formaldehyde.

Mef- Mediocre weed products or strains.

Mid- Short form for mid-grade cannabis.

Mutha marijuana- Excellent quality marijuana plants or products.

Nug- This cannabis term is used to reference the highest quality bud flowers that are harvested from a marijuana plant.

Perp- Really potent cannabis products.

Rangood marijuana- Bud Flowers that were harvest from a plant that was allowed to grow wild.

Regs- This cannabis slang term is used to describe regular or average weed.

Reggie- Mediocre marijuana plant products.

Salad- This term is most often used to describe a combination of two different weed strains that are mixed together for sale or to make edibles or oils.

Schwag- Low quality or inferior cannabis.

Shwoop- Used to describe either a low-quality product or a bad personal experience with marijuana.

Sour- A strong and or a high-quality weed or concentrate.

Sticky icky icky- This term is used by consumers to describe the best marijuana plant strains they have tried.

Sticky green- Marijuana plants are coated in resins that contain the cannabinoids like THC and CBD along with some of the fragrance and taste that you would expect from cannabis. Some are more precious than others, and those that leave your fingers covered in a sticky resin which also typically translates to a higher quality product.

Stress- Terrible quality marijuana plant products.

Strong- High quality and or potent weed.

The kind- This term means the best kind the person using it has ever tried.

Thrax- Excellent quality pot or plants that have been shipped over from Pakistan.

Top shelf weed- The best most potent cannabis strains available.

Wacky weed- Potent marijuana buds that are usually from a type of high-quality weed strain.

Weelicious- Weed that tastes and smells appealing both before and during consumption.

Zacatecas purple- A low-quality cannabis bud flower from Mexico.



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