Should you freeze cannabis?

Published Jun 23, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET
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The freezer can be an enemy for the cannabis plant. Frozen trichomes if handled incorrectly become brittle and can be lost in the process of being moved around while frozen. However, there are exceptions: live resin cultivation, the plants are flash frozen immediately after harvest. The method used is by utilizing liquid nitrogen that reaches a temperature as low -195C, extremely cold.

How to make a freeze dryer

There is a somewhat chilled DIY way of curing your bud after cultivation; it is the freeze dry method. You will need a freezer and a carboard box that has flaps that are still attached to it. You can put your partially dried buds in the cardboard box. Close the flaps, but do not seal the box and place in a frost-free freezer. The water that has remained in the plant freezes, and then it will evaporate in about 10-20 days, this is a process known as sublimation. This process claims to preserve the taste and the compounds in the herb that provide the psychoactive experiences. The regular exchange of the moist air that occurs within the freezer provides the curing process, without the hassle of opening the mason jars to release any unwanted air and complete the curing process.

Drying your weed after cultivation is an art, if you want a great tasting effect from your weed, using a freeze dryer method may be an excellent choice for you.

Look at one of the better ways on how to store weed, other than freezing; it is in an air-tight glass mason jar and by utilizing a moisture control system. Then store your jars in a cool dark place. Storing cannabis in a cool dark place even the refrigerator will retard the breakdown of cannabinoids, however, freezing the bud forces the moisture from the inside of the bud to the surface, this can damage the resins that are secreted on the surface of the bud.

However, let’s not confuse the Freezeland strain with freezing strains. Freezeland is a celebrity cannabis strain found in Quebec. The potent Indica cross production between Pluton and Friesland delivers eye-catching lavender tipped buds. The aromatic citrus and pine undertones produce a full-body Indica effect. This is a common strain used to treat chronic pain, and insomnia, and for anyone needing relaxation in their daily regime, that applies to most of us today. Enjoy the happy, euphoric, energetic effects, that this creative

the strain will deliver, watch out for the munchies that may also tag along.

Some important steps to remember when looking for the perfect way on how to store your weed.


• Plastic bags are not advisable; you run the risk of crushing your bud. The plastic will, over time affect the taste of your cannabis. If you are looking for discreetness; cheap plastic baggies wont holdup, the smell will be noticed.

• Light will degrade your stash, and it will degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes, the precious compounds within your herb. Store your weed in an opaque container and away from direct light.

• Air that your bud receives from incorrectly storing of the herb can degrade your stash. Too little air, and you may have problems with mold or mildew. Try vacuum sealing your weed if you need to look at a longer term of storing. Tupperware or plastic snapping containers are not a good choice to use here. Make sure the container that you use fits the amount of weed that it will hold.

• Moisture can be a huge problem for storing your weed overtime. You must keep your weed dry, but not too dry or you run the risk of causing the flavorful terpenes, and cannabinoids to degrade. The proper and ideal humidity levels for storing your weed long-term are 59 and 63 RH. A great way to help with this process is by purchasing humidity control packets like Boveda.

• The temperature that is too high will cause the terpenes, and the buds to dry out and eventually evaporate the flavour profile. This is the harsh and unpleasant smoke you may have experienced in the past. Mildew and mold thrive at temperatures between 77 and 87 degrees. Make sure for ideal storage that the temperature is below this.

Don’t look for an expiration date on marijuana, if stored properly there is none, whether you use the freezer method or not.



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