Shotgunning weed - What it is and how to do it

Published Mar 18, 2019 12:34 p.m. ET

It is a well-known fact that most stoners are capable of tapping into their most creative selves when in need of an apparatus to get the job done, but do you know what else they are great at? Coming up with neat smoke tricks to make the experience of smoking pot a bit more exciting. Shotgunning weed is a slightly more intimate smoking trick. One that you may only want to perform with people who you feel incredibly close with, as it requires getting up close and personal with one other. By up close we mean within two inches or less of each other’s faces.

What is Shotgunning weed?

Weed shotgunning is the act of blowing smoke into another person’s mouth. This may or may not require a particular smoking apparatus depending on which method is used to perform it.

How to - Shotgunning Weed

There are many different ways to shotgun cannabis, but three methods stand out as the most commonly used. All of them will require two people to do.

  1. Backward Joint or Blunt - This is the most popular method of shotgunning weed. It is done by using either a blunt or a joint and flipping it around which places the lit portion in the person’s mouth. The second individual will then take a puff from the opposite end while the one with the coal in their mouth also lightly blows through it. This forcefully pushes all the smoke into the second person’s mouth.

  • The Tunnel - This one allows for a little more breathing room and can be performed using any type of smoking device. One person will draw a hit off whatever apparatus they have and hold it while both make a tunnel shape with their hands. The one that is holding the smoke will then blow it through their side while the second will inhale it from their end.

  • Lips - This method is by far the most intimate and requires both individuals involved to be comfortable enough to press their lips together. One of them will take a regular haul off whatever they have available and then push their lips against the second person’s mouth. This creates a seal. Then both can open their mouths, and the one who is holding the toke can exhale it while their partner inhales.

  • How long will one hit of weed stay in your system when you shotgun weed?  

    No longer than a typical hit would. The most significant difference is a slightly less potent effect for the second person who inhales smoke that has already been in the other individual’s lungs. Most of the THC will be absorbed by the first person who inhales it, but the effects of weed shotgunning are no different than any other method of smoking marijuana.

    Since weed shotgunning is such a personal and intimate method of smoking pot with another person, it is most often done by couples who are already extremely comfortable with being close with each other. When paired with the right strain that carries aphrodisiac-like qualities, shotgunning can be an exciting and relaxing way to enjoy time with a partner and can even enhance libido, stamina, and relax those with anxiety related issues.



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