Reasons why everyone should try getting high at least once

Published Apr 3, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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The high from cannabis products is a finicky thing that can vary greatly depending on the strain, potency, and method of consumption chosen, as well as the tolerance of the individual who uses them. It’s not the same thing for everyone. Still, all past, even if just one-time consumers, have something in common, and that is a deep sense of respect for what it can do.

You might not be convinced that it’s right, that it could possibly be proper, or that it’s in any way a good idea, a natural hesitation when faced with what has often been presented to us as a type of moral dilemma, but we’re here to assure you that it’s all ok. Being nervous when it comes to cannabis is quite normal, especially if you don’t completely understand what you’re getting into, and that’s why we’ve decided to share five reasons why we think that everyone should get stoned at least once.

1. Cannabis is a medicine

First and foremost, cannabis is a medicine, even if it’s not being used to treat a specific diagnosed condition. You don’t need to have arthritis to know that a buzz can help with the pain after an injury or sprain, and it can assist in other less immediately noticeable ways. Cannabis and its derivatives can help with appetite, sleep, stress, and so much more, but these are things that you can’t take advantage of without being comfortable enough to keep a little bit on hand, and that’s something that can be solved with a test run.

2. Cannabis is safe

We’ve touched on the medicinal qualities of cannabis, however, its most beneficial role in health and medicine, in general, is as a replacement for many toxic, often addictive pain killers. It also offers a completely non-toxic solution for those who would prefer not to indulge in alcohol, a much more dangerous drug. No matter how much you take, cannabis cannot result in an overdose, like what we see with so many street drugs today. Worst case scenario you’ll need to sleep off the effects, a result you might have to see to believe.

3. Cannabis can improve mood

Everyone has moments of wishing they could flick a switch to improve their mood for the rest of the day, and for some of us, this urge is worse than others. Good and healthy releases might include things like exercise or a relaxing activity like painting, however, many find the lift that they need through the healing power of cannabis. Even if you don’t want to get too stoned, a little pick-me-up can do wonders for both the mind and the soul.

4. Cannabis is fun with short-lived effects

The majority of cannabis consumers use it because it helps them to relax and have more fun, plus its effects are easily controlled and short-lived. This means that you can smoke a joint before dinner, and then a few hours later when you’re ready to pack things up and head home; you can do that with a clear mind. When smoking, some studies suggest a small window of only 30 minutes impairment, which provides a freedom that you cannot get from partying hard with any other substance.

5. To get past any preconceived notions or biased opinions

Many of us grew up being told that cannabis was terrible and that catching a buzz could quite literally destroy our whole lives. These threats have been ingrained in our very nature and the way we’ve conducted ourselves over the last several decades. We also see far too many modern comparisons that include cannabis held up beside toxic and dangerous drugs, and the only way to undo the damage of all this is to see what all of the fuss is about yourself.

All it’ll take is a single taste to know whether or not it’s for you, but either way, this experience will provide you with insight into what we’re really discussing when it comes to consenting adults wanting to access a perfectly safe plant. It’s not hallucinogenic, the effects are nothing like alcohol or any other natural substance for that matter, and it’s not going to act as an imaginary gateway toward harder, more dangerous options. Sometimes it’s nice to catch a buzz and weed offers nothing more and nothing less than precisely that.

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