What makes weed purple?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:15 p.m. ET

There are generally three things that have a play in producing that beautiful purple hue that radiates from cannabis plants.

Let’s look at what part genetics play in our purple beauty. Anthocyanins are present in all plants including cannabis; theyare the plant's natural host. This is a pigment; its classed as a flavonoid. It is used by the plant to deter predators attracted to green plants. An additional role of this genetic marker is its ability to attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators encouraging reproduction. These flavonoids along with pH levels are responsible for the coloring of plants. The maturity of the plant makes the pigment more pronounced, expanding from blue to purple. It can change the color of the plant from top to bottom.

Temperature is another component in achieving the color of plants. Cooler temperatures turn the color from a reddish to a purple hue. The temperature controls can be manipulated to accommodate colors, although a lower temperature may decrease the yield from the plant.

Nutrients are the third component we need to include in our equation. Certain deficiencies in the nutrients of the plant can cause the stems of the plant to turn purple. A sulfur deficiency can produce purple streaks on the stems. A high pH level can destroy the purple hue and produce pink tones when there is a high amount of acidity in the medium. Neutral pH conditions will give you the purple tones.

The genetics of the plant cannot be guaranteed stable or consistent. This could be the reason why one plant is purple, and the other is not.

20 years ago, purple or bluish color in plants was quite uncommon. The plant had a low cannabinoid profile and had an unpleasant taste to accompany it.

Today we have some wonderful purple strains to enjoy.

Purple haze is predominantly a sativa strain. You will enjoy the delicious berry taste and the mentally stimulating effects it will produce.


Purple weed strains

Purple Afghan Kush is a pure Indica strain. No feeling of tiredness enjoys the earthy sweet flavors and the long-lasting relaxed euphoria, another bonus of this strain no ferocious munchie feeling.

Sweet Purple, this strain deserves mention. It is a fifty-fifty split equal Indica and sativa. This cannabis strain will keep you relaxed but at the same time alert. Reminiscent of strawberries raspberries and even a touch of sandal wood is abundant here.

What’s special about purple marijuana plants

We should look at whether purple buds are more potent. Color and pigmentation really have no effect on the potency of marijuana. Some people have reported that dark purple weed gives a cerebral high with more intensity than the average strain. Keep in mind that the colder temperatures which help the color to be apparent could cap the plants potential to increase the THC level.

The potency of the plant plays a role in any and all strains of the herb. Ultimately, there is no proof that purple plants have any special characteristics besides their color.



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