Phoenix Gateway Community College launches cannabis programs

Published Dec 19, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Arizona has landed the coveted position of being the Center for Cannabis Business Training. Phoenix College courses at the Gateway Community College include cannabis education that will be focusing on high-quality marijuana training and providing business owners and professionals of CBD and marijuana dispensaries instruction.

Proposition 207 was approved by the Arizona voters this past November. The proposition paved the way for the legalization of recreational cannabis use in the state. The need for information, cannabis education, and formal training surrounding the plant, has never been greater than what is needed today.

Ensuring that the cannabis and CBD industry minimize risks while helping to produce knowledgeable employees for cannabis businesses is the role of the Center for Cannabis Business Training, one of the phoenix college courses being offered. Employees and customers are both helped by formalized industry training, which ultimately helps both the employees, business owners, and customers to have a safe and positive experience.

What’s being offered

Initially, the program will include three offerings:

  • CBD Hemp Education Product Training: Students will be learning the history of CBD, the medical benefits, and how it works. Students will know which ailments are specifically treatable with the use of CBD. Differences in CBD Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate will also be taught.

  • Budtender Training: Budtenders will be trained on more than just selling products. They will learn how to help customers experience an adventure and solution of using cannabis. Listening and communication skills will be essential knowledge gained by the student. Learning to differentiate the differences between CBD and THC, providing the customers with the best possible experience with cannabis, will be part of the course's curriculum.

  • Cannabis 101: This on-line workshop is directed towards those wanting to expand their knowledge of cannabis. The course is designed to enable the student to learn how cannabinoids can enhance the quality of life, alleviate pain, and increase appetite while helping to improve one’s sleep patterns.


These courses are designed for proficiency and cost-effectiveness. Completion time for all of the courses is nine hours or less, and the price will be up to 99 dollars. The offerings currently are non-credit and offered through a partnership. Additional programs are planned to be offered by Gateway community college.

Operating a medicinal cannabis business comes with many intricacies. The legal, security, product knowledge, and logistics can be overwhelming. There are numerous marijuana businesses that fail due to a lack of planning, market research, and other legal issues. The new program being offered in the Phoenix campus will be the assurance that owners and employees of cannabis businesses will be able to handle the challenges that will be facing this new industry.

The cannabis industry needs educated individuals that are equipped to speak on the effects of cannabis and what other cannabis products are available for different ailments out there. Medicinal cannabis has been available for a decade, and now that recreational cannabis is taking a steadfast hold and more states are following along with legalizing recreational marijuana, courses like those being offered by The Center for Cannabis Business Training are high in demand.

There are no barriers to entering these courses. If gaining knowledge about cannabis, hemp, and the many CBD products is the direction you wish to follow, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Final words

Gateway Community College is gaining a lot of interest in these courses. The college has five campuses located throughout Phoenix and one additional  campus in Avondale. As the world is opening up to cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, so too must the information and education about this amazing plant that is known simply as weed.

Is a cannabis education worth getting


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