My dog ate my stash! What should I do?

Published Mar 12, 2019 10:23 a.m. ET

My dog just ate my weed. He ate the special cookies I left on the table! What will happen to him? The short answer is nothing I hope, but there is a huge risk to your dog. It all depends on the amount that your dog has eaten and the size of your dog, perhaps even what was in the cookie besides the cannabis.

What happens if a dog eats weed

If you used decarboxylated herb when making your cannabutter for your cookie, your dog will fell the effects the same way as you do. Decarboxylating your herb in the process of cookie making will strengthen the potency of the butter used in the cookie. Keep in mind also that ingesting the herb this way takes time for the effect and the effects will remain with the dog longer.

Do you think your dog has ingested some of your stash? Here are some signs to watch out for.

He could have problems with his balance, lethargy, sensitive to noise and lights and sometimes urinary incontinence is evidence that your dog that has consumed marijuana.

None of these symptoms alone are life-threatening. They are however very unpleasant for your dog.

My dog ate an edible what do I do?

The best treatment for your dog, if you know they ate some kind of edible within the last 30 minutes, is to induce vomiting. This is good to do before they exhibit any of the signs. Activated charcoal, when administered to the dog, will absorb the THC and prevent it from entering the dog's bloodstream. Keep the dog comfortable and provide water for them. The dog may become dehydrated.


How does THC affect dogs?

Keep in mind that any edibles you may have bought or made, have been made for humans, not dogs, the portions will be far too strong for a dog, they will be very harmful. Human doses will last a lot longer in a dog as well. The most common edibles, desserts, like cookies or chocolate, are especially bad for your dog. Any sugar or chocolate combined, let alone THC, is not at all good for your dog to consume.  

You may need to visit the veterinarian if your dog is vomiting and starts to choke. THC is a depressant, it could suppress a dog’s gag reflex and cause them to choke. If you notice your dog choking, it could be aspirating on their vomit. This is dangerous and can lead to aspirated pneumonia. Veterinarian assistance is needed here. If your dog has seizures or becomes unresponsive to your calls or touch, he needs to be taken to the veterinarian immediately. In some few cases, the dog can develop a rare type of paralysis. They will need to be monitored, and perhaps they will need intravenous support to aid in their dehydration, especially if vomiting was an issue.

How does CBD affect dogs?

Now all this worry could have been prevented if your cannabis was stored correctly.  Animals love licking the floor. We as humans tend to drop stuff on the floor. This combination is not good when cannabis is in the mix. Please do not think that you are not harming your fuzzy friend. Unless your dog is ingesting CBD weed for an ailment keep your two favorite things in your life separate. Weed and your dog.

If you do give your dog CBD remember, the CBD in your dog’s edible is made from hemp, which will produce a much more positive effect on your dog. He will not be high. There will be no THC in the oil used to make his medical treats. He may not notice the positive signs immediately he will have to be patient. The inflammation will improve in a few days. So, sit back relax with your edible and make sure your pet has his own CBD treat to join you with. Enjoy!



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