What are Moon Rocks?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:27 p.m. ET

Have you ever heard of THC Moon Rocks? Wondered what they were? Luckily, to score one of these little beauties, you don't have to go quite so far as the moon. You can make them yourself right at home. Moon rocks tend to be more of a party favor because of their cost, but are commonly found right here on planet earth.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks, AKA THC Rocks, or THC Moon Rocks, tend to contain high Levels of THC and are man-made, not grown. Moon Rocks are made by layering several different cannabis-based products, usually beginning with bud as a base. The most popular strain to use for this project seems to be Girl Scout Cookies, but any potent higher THC content strain will do. It starts with a bud, usually one the size of the end of your thumb. The stem protruding from the bottom is then removed to give it a more visually appealing round “rock” look. The bud is then dipped in oil before being completely coated with kief. Kief is that glorious pile of crystals that tend to accumulate in the bottom of your bag or jar. If you don’t have any on hand, kief can be made by pulling apart and rubbing buds against a metal mesh screen.

Where can you buy Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are online. Prices vary depending on the products used. A few of the hottest moon rocks have been trademarked by celebrities. For example, Kurupts Moonrock has been trademarked and created by the rapper Kurupt and even carries an endorsement from Snoop Dog himself. Kurupt Moonrock contains 51.2% THC and .15% CBD. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see their website. They have huge lists of flavors, boast as high as 64%-99% THC content and cost USD 99 per gram

What are the side effects of Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are just a visually appealing, condensed form of THC. The effects are the same as they are from smoking regular cannabis bud, only stronger. When smoking Moon Rocks, you can expect the same results only amplified. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you try a small amount at first and be aware. There are several side effects that are possible when smoking Moon Rock such as; feeling depressed, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate and nausea.


How to smoke moon rocks

Moon Rocks can be smoked the same way regular any hash is. It can be added to joints, burned in a pipe or bong, dabbed, or vaporized. Just remember, this isn't your everyday bud. It should be broken up by hand and never put through a grinder. Running moon rocks through just about any kind of grinder will not only remove a lot of the kief, but it will also remove much of the oil and gum everything up. Moon Rocks should be handled carefully and always stores in a sealed container.

The options don’t end there!

While Moon Rocks are not meant to be eaten as is, you can always add them to your edibles, break them up into sauces, or even add them to your favorite smoothie. Eating will change the amount of time it will take for you to feel the effects entirely. How long the buzz will last also increase so proceed with caution.

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