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Mixing cannabis with psilocybin for recreational and medicinal needs

Published Apr 15, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Now that cannabis is legal in many parts of the world, the path has been laid for other substances to make their way onto the legal and regulated market. This is an exciting idea for many recreational consumers who are forced to frequent the black market in order to obtain elusive goods, but one drug, in particular, is gaining speed in both the recreational and medicinal world, and it’s happening fast. The thing is that as we are given more options for legal substances, we must also understand the potential risks that can go along with mixing them for various purposes.

Recreational uses for psilocybin

Recreational consumers use magic mushrooms because they produce hallucinogenic effects that are far beyond anything that cannabis could possibly offer. In large doses, some users claim to see full out visions of things and beings that aren’t there, while others admit to witnessing a brighter world with what is described as floating auras. Just like it is with weed, the effects can vary, but the general idea to reach a level of being high, that is much more intense.

Medicinal uses for psilocybin

Researchers have been looking into the medicinal uses for magic mushrooms for many years now, and one thing is clear, which is that the drug can be incredibly beneficial for many of the same conditions that cannabis is, only the relief that it provides tend to be more suitable for more severe cases and symptoms. The challenge now is finding the ideal dose, but that discovery is expected to come in the near future.

Recreational uses for cannabis

People smoke and eat cannabis to get stoned. It’s really just as simple as that. For some, it’s to lose dreaded feelings of anxiety which are technically a medical issue that often goes untreated and undiagnosed. However, the majority of cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that they use weed to feel happier and healthier, mentally and physically. It’s a way to wind down that has no hangover and it really doesn’t get much better than that or does it?

Medicinal uses for cannabis

Medical uses for cannabis products are a broad list that is hard to describe, as it includes nearly every symptom that you can think of. Cannabis can help to treat inflammation, and it can relieve chronic pain. It can also soothe anxiety and depression, and it can even assist by regulating your appetite. Though the relief that patients receive varies greatly across it all, medical cannabis helps to improve millions of lives every day.

Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference

How combining them may be good

As you can see, the uses for these two highly debated substances are relatively the same, granted the fact that psilocybin is a much stronger and more potent version of the two, which is what leads so many people to consider mixing them together. After all, they both offer results that make you feel good, and in theory, this is true, but the dose matter. Using small amounts of magic mushrooms in conjunction with cannabis can offer a broader range of effects, but it can also trigger some negative feelings if you aren’t careful.

Why mixing magic mushrooms and cannabis can be a bad idea

The trouble with combining substances is that we don’t completely understand how they impact one another, and this can have a significant impact on your results. In some cases, psilocybin seems to amplify the effects of cannabis, which can make them last longer. In other scenarios, you might notice one hit you long before the other, and in a much more intense way than usual.

Unfortunately, both of these substances have the ability to do things like raise your blood pressure and heart rate, something that can replicate the sensations of anxiety, particularly in inexperienced consumers. Without starting out with the smallest doses possible, you will risk amplifying these adverse effects, and that could leave you in an uncomfortable situation that can last for hours.

In conclusion

The truth is that despite rigorous research, we still know very little about this hallucinogenic drug, so for now, magic mushrooms are not something that is recommended to mix with weed. However, if you truly feel that you could benefit from the effects of both substances at the same time, then make sure to do so with small doses which would be safer, to avoid the possibility of taking too much, and disliking the results of your products.

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