Microdosing weed with edibles

Published Feb 26, 2019 03:50 p.m. ET
With 1 Easy to make recipe

Microdosing is a great mellow alternative to some high THC products that are available to purchase right now. The approach aims at using less THC and CBD may provide better long-term benefits. The delivery of low doses produces a certain result different as compared to high doses which will produce the opposite effect.

Here are three alternatives to microdosing weed with joints:

Vaporing your cannabis:

This manner also facilitates a more accurate dosing method. Harmful carcinogens and toxins are avoided when you vape your cannabis. This is a safer and healthier option to smoking a joint.

Combustion as a method to consume your cannabis:

This way is probably the way like most of us started using the herb. This method could be an expensive way of consuming. Definitely the least clean manner of consumption This manner does not provide proper dosage control.

Ingesting your cannabis:                                                                                                                      

Let’s look at the most responsible way for people to indulge for the first time using microdosing edibles. You will achieve a relaxing body high without that stoned feeling. THC weed edible dosage will be controlled by you in the micro edibles you consume.

If you do not like smoking or vaping your cannabis, here is an option tailored for you. Edibles that come from a manufacturer should be clearly labeled to the percentages of THC, CBD that the product contains. This method of consumption makes it much easier to control you dosing leading to a more accurate amount you are ingesting. As always remember that the effects of consuming your herb in this matter take longer to be felt. Titration (slowly adding more concentrates to a solution) can be a little tricky, so always remember to be patient, wait for the effects. Slow and easy is the universal motto when edibles are the delivery method that you choose to ingest your cannabis.


Easy to make weed edible recipe:

Here is a home-made edible that will be perfect for your microdosing edibles:

· Add ¼ cup of corn syrup to ½ cup of cold spring water, stir till it is mixed together
· Combine two packs of gelatin and a box of strawberry jello in a pot, and add the syrup mixture
· Stir till mixture is thoroughly mixed
· Heat mixture on medium heat for ten minutes, stir and make sure the sugary mixture is not burning and sticking to the side of the pan
· Remove mixture from heat add your RSO to mixture stirring well
· Have your vegetable sprayed molds ready to be filled
· Let the filled molds sit for eight hours, remove from mold and store in a glass sealed container till you are ready to use

Remember the amount, of milligrams of RSO you used and divide the number of molds into it to know the mg per gummy or mold.

Try to keep the levels of THC lower and you will enjoy the feelings that cannabis gives you without that over the top feeling all day long. Micro-dosing weed edibles could be the method of consuming cannabis as the norm soon.


We can look even further than micro-dosing to a newer concept called hyper-microdosing.

Butterweeds is looking to offer this concept by offering the lowest levels of THC cannabis infused edibles. Their target market is broad. From the inexperienced smoker to the senior citizen who would like to try cannabis for the first time. Anyone who would like to enjoy that relaxed feeling at the end of the day without having feeling of being intoxicated will enjoy the lower 5mg THC compared to the normal 10mg. The full 10mg dose taken at once may prove to be a little strong. Two doses of 5mg will achieve the result that is looking to be achieved. The dosage will be correct not guessed at when cutting pieces of larger milligram product. It cuts the guessing game out of the equation. The company plans to offer micro-dosed products such as gummies, jelly beans and gumballs.



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