Marijuana and sun protection

Published May 7, 2019 01:11 p.m. ET
Photo Credit Sean Kilpatrick

Sun protection is often only used in the summer months. Too often we forget about the amazing rays of the winter sun. However, even in winter, the sun can damage our skin. Generally, the sun is at its most damaging time for our unprotected skin around noon to three p.m.

Using hemp oil for burns

The use of hemp sunscreen can provide skin with healthy benefits. The application of hemp oil lotion to the sunburned area will help to decrease the inflammation and pain from the burn. While it is healing the hemp oil also acts as a moisturizer to the effected skin. Hemp on its own provides an SPF of 6. This may be on the low scale. It is suggested that you combine it with natural products. Aloe Vera and cannabis or hemp products together will provide you with a non-toxic natural sunscreen.

Sunburns can be classed into three categories, a third-degree burn which could need skin grafts and then second and first-degree burns which can be treated with topical creams, salves or lotions. CBD and THC are both known to effectively ease the pain that can be felt from a sunburn.

You might be wondering, if using the marijuana plant in the form of topical sun protection lotion which will help guard against the sun, is smoking weed good for your skin? The toxins from the smoke constrict the blood vessels which deprive them of oxygen. Depriving skin of oxygen makes it age faster. So, in my opinion, the answer to that question is no.

While we are laying in the sun, we can apply our cannabis-infused sunscreen. The cooling effect may substitute for Aloe Vera for sunburn. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities that CBD oil has may make it the perfect sun protection. When applied properly cannabis-infused sun lotion is a great overall skin protector and moisturizer — providing relief before and after your skin is exposed to too much sun. This lotion could even be used in your daily routine of cannabis-infused products if you so choose.  


We are all aware that being in the sun, however enjoyable comes at a price. Our skin will age faster. Below is a sunscreen product that is great for your day at the beach or on the snow slopes. Like I mentioned earlier, the sun does not care if it damages your skin in the winter or the summer. All seasons are fair game as far as the sun, and its damage radiating rays are concerned.

Sunny Daze CBD Sun Cream features an industrial hemp derivative. The oil is known to helping to combat anti-inflammatory qualities that can accompany overexposure to the sun.

Let’s not forget our lips when we are addressing marijuana sunscreen. The skin on our lips are thinner and have less melanin. Melanin protects the skin from sunlight.

Well I’m heading for the beach I have some marijuana sun protection and a lovely strain of cannabis to enhance my day at the beach. Try the Schrom strain, it has a great citrus-y lemon taste that will have you relaxing and enjoying your day. Enjoy!



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