Marijuana and hallucinations

Published Mar 7, 2019 01:09 p.m. ET

What are weed hallucinations?  Let us first agree as to what a hallucination is. A hallucination is perceiving something as real that is not. The brain makes us believe that it is seeing and believing something as real.

Cannabis may be responsible for altering conceptions, but is that a hallucination? Food for thought for sure. Cannabis can influence the optic nerve. This may account for visual conceptions being different. You may experience blurred vision, and even flashes in your eyes may present itself. This could be mistaken for a hallucination; it is not.

Do you hallucinate on weed?

Now using medical marijuana may produce hallucinogenic side effects. This side effect may warrant its use over the condition that your physician suggested the use for. When discussing this and other side effects with your doctor, you may decide that the side effects are worth enduring for the positive effects of the use of the medical weed. Or perhaps you need to change the strain you are using.

There have been some thoughts to suggest that THC use can lower the activity of a nucleus that can create hallucinations. There is the belief that a medical cannabis strain with more than 20% THC can cause auditory or visual hallucinations.

Marijuana psychedelic effects

Some of the sounds that are associated with auditory hallucinations from the consumption of cannabis can include:

• Whistling
• Buzzing
• Hissing


Most people do not experience auditory or visual long-term effects from the use of cannabis. Most people recognize this as a short-termhallucinogenic effect from the weed. They recognize what is happening and do not act on irrational thoughts or behaviors. Hallucinationscan be an indication of serious health conditions, and if you experience these on a constant pattern, perhaps a chat with your physician is warranted. Changes in our overall experience when consuming the herb should not have a negative effect on our health.

What Kind of Weed Makes You Hallucinate

Let us look at some strains that have been known to cause hallucinogenic effects.

Appropriately named we will start with:

Alien Hallucination: This is believed to be a hybrid boasting its parents as the sedative Tahoe Alien and the famous LSD hybrid well known for its head buzz and trippy effects. This strain has the powers to kidnap your mind. Don’t worry your body will remain in that deep floating physical relaxation stage. The euphoric and happy feelings add to the enjoyment of the hallucinogenic high. Medically this strain will be great for the stress that you have felt all day. There will be no hallucinations; your muscles will relax thanks to the medicinal qualities of this strain.

LSD: A hybrid strain, its parents Mazar I Sharif and Skunk are responsible for the vivid psychedelic powerful body experience that this strain produces. The THC level can come in at 24% while the CBD content is maybe 1%.

Not all weed hallucinations are cause for a bad experience. The hallucination that can involve time altering qualities can be enjoyable. Sounds from the music playing could not be better, the couch lock is nice. So, are you experiencing a hallucination or a distortion in perception? This my friend, I will leave for you to decide.



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