Mangoes and marijuana

Published Feb 28, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET

Myrcene, a terpene in the cannabis plant, is also in mangoes. This compound has been known to compose up to half of the terpene content found in different strains. More than 0.5% Myrcene usually is an indication of the Indicas sedative effects. That couch locked feeling is attributed to the Indica strain and its Myrcene properties.

Eating a mango before smoking weed

The analgesic properties of Myrcene and the combination of eating mangoes has been an effective pain reliever for some. The feelings of one strain feeling higher than the other could be partly the effect this terpene has.

The rich source of Vitamin A and the ability to intensify your high is why mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. The fragrance that a ripe mango produces is from the same terpene that is in your strain of cannabis. It is also responsible for making your beautiful high last longer.

Why do mangoes get you higher


When you eat a mango the terpene, Myrcene goes directly into the blood-stream. There is no relevance as to when the best time to eat the mango. Is it before after or during partaking? It doesn’t matter the elevated high will be there regardless. During those munchie moments, the THC will interact with the terpenes. The interaction of the two substances starts the level of the high to be increased. This will vary from individual to individual. I know I said that it doesn’t matter when you eat the mango, that’s a true statement, but it has been said that eating the mango before smoking weed is the best way to a stronger longer lasting high. Those of us that may have developed a tolerance to the herb should experience a stronger longer lasting high when eating the mangoes.

Dried mangoes and weed

There is truth to the mango high; the mango effect is alive and well. Try not to use dried mangoes as your source for extra terpenes. Yes, they do contain a small amount. This is all that is left after the dehydration process. Always try to use fresh fruit. The terpenes in the fruit and the terpenes in your strain of herb can be used to beneficially help each other. So, my friend keeps that fruit bowl full.

Below you will find a few strains that I think go well with the mangoes that are waiting for munchie attack.



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