Mailing marijuana

Published Mar 24, 2019 09:09 a.m. ET
 Should you send your Purple Kush in the mail?

   Canada Post has been successfully delivering medical cannabis since 2013. This might make you wonder “can you send weed in the mail”?  

On October 17, 2018, it became legal throughout Canada for you share a maximum of 30 grams of dried recreational marijuana among your friends. Of course, this is to be shared only among legal adults. This also became the day you could mail your precious Kush cannabis to your friends in other provinces within Canada, legally.

How to ship weed

Mailing weed isn't as hard as you might think, however, there are some packaging requirements that must be met before shipping.

The outer package must be anonymous, not identifying what the package contains, or any markings indicating what's in the package.

The bag must be a leaf-proof inner and outer bag that is not only odor proof but tamper-proof too.

There are also some requirements that need to be followed when receiving a package of marijuana through the Canada Post mail.

If you are receiving your marijuana from a licensed seller, you will be required to show proof of age, and you will be required to sign for the package. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for government photo ID if you look under 25 years old. Provinces set their own age requirements. In Ontario the legal as is 19.  


Now if you are receiving a beautiful gift from your auntie, a signature may be required. This is a feature that the sender could request.  The postal worker would have no idea if the package was from a licensed producer or not.  Canada Post ensures that consumers from OCS, receiving packages will need to verify their age to the delivery person. They also state that no package will be left unattended.

It is illegal to ship drugs across a border. However, there is a company stateside that will do just that. They also will ship to other international destinations. This company will ensure your order 100%. They can help you if your goal is shipping edibles through the mail, but it's not recommended you try sending concentrates in the mail, your intent could be misconstrued for something criminal. They ship your order in vacuum sealed bag that is doubled to ensure no odor escaping that could identify what is inside the package. These companies gladly accept anonymous cash payment options, including Bitcoin and MoneyGram. There is a minimum order requirement of $160.00 per order. A problem can arise if you order less than that amount whatever money you have paid will not be refunded to you if you decide to cancel your order. If there are any mistakes in the address and your package mysteriously does not show up. Sorry no refund here.

Thinking about whether this is a good option for the delivery method of marijuana. Tracking and liability could be difficult when another country is involved. Not to even mention the legality issues.

It is so much easier to order here in Canada, pay your $5.00 fee to the Government's Ontario Cannabis Store if this is where your purchase originated from for delivery and then everything is above board. Your package is guaranteed to be delivered and received as Canada Post was contracted to do.

What a great system that we have going on in Canada. We purchase our weed from the government, and we will then gladly pay a $5.00 fee for delivery

Is the mail here yet? Enjoy!



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