Lesser known health benefits of marijuana

Published Mar 6, 2019 01:11 p.m. ET

Marijuana has used for 100’s of years; China has been using it for some form of medication for centuries.

Our bodies have cell receptors and endocannabinoids, which make up the endocannabinoid system. This system is important as it helps to regulate the digestive system, the immune system the digestive system and nervous system along with some other functions. This system is responsible for how our mood, motor skills, appetite, memory, and pain management are affected.

Here is the interesting part, your favorite bud also has cannabinoids, which can attach to the cell receptor in the body as well. That means if something is not right with your own body’s natural endocannabinoids, the bud will come to the aid.

Most people knew there some common benefits of smoking weed; you might have known that marijuana was wonderful for euphoric, relaxed, maybe even energetic feelings but now look at what else it can do for you:


Positive effects of weed

  1. CBD which is one of the main cannabinoids in marijuana can turn off a gene that spreads cancer cells. The turning off of this cell prevents cancer cells from making copies and spreading their cells. The bud can also slow down the aggressively spreading cancerous cells.
  2. Parkinson’s Disease and the effect that marijuana has had on this debilitating disease is profound. Many patients showed marked improvement in their fine motor skills. Others reported that muscle stiffness and tremors associated with this disease improved after inhaling marijuana. This was achieved with minimal or no side effects. This alone was a tremendous value when you compare the side effects from a variety of other meds are very unpleasant.
  3. Tourette Syndrome can cause embarrassing involuntary tics and repetitive movements. The severity of the tics can be so severe that it is dangerous. When using marijuana for treatment of the tic’s, there was a significant decrease in them.
  4. Less brain bruising after a traumatic injury resulting from a concussion has been reported from the administration of marijuana. The brain is aided in healing; marijuana reduces inflammation which is a major effect of head trauma. It will also limit damage to the brain cells after a stroke.
  5. PSTD have low levels of a cannabinoid called anandamide. Marijuana can trigger the same receptors and could help in relieving anxiety attacks and other symptoms known to accompany PSTD. A cautionary note; PSTD suffers should not overindulge in smoking the herb and should pick strains that will not provoke a feeling of paranoia. Otherwise, the benefits of smoking weed will not be achieved.
  6. THC is an effective aid for help with the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. When the receptors in the digestive system are activated by marijuana, there is an improvement in the bodies digestive system. The anti-inflammatory qualities from the CBD will assist with some of the following symptoms. Diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue which have also been known to accompany this disease.
  7. Health benefits of marijuana leaves. Eating raw weed can be beneficial in easing the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. The consumption of the cannabinoids after eating raw weed will provide some of the same analgesics relief that over the counter pain meds like ibuprofen and aspirin provide.

Perhaps some of the amazing benefits that cannabis provides for us will become mainstream in the medical treatment of some of these diseases. This will aid in the debilitating side effects that accompany other medications that are used.

I, on the other hand,am going to enjoy a little morning pleasure for the symptoms of achieving a happy, energized day, maybe you could do the same, enjoy!



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