Is there such a thing as vegan CBD products?

Published Aug 4, 2019 10:23 a.m. ET
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We live in a day and age where health has slowly shifted to the number one priority for many people. Rates of cigarette smokers are dropping every year, and consumers of all types are educating themselves to become more aware of what goes into the food and other day to day products that they use. At one time, beef was beef, veggies were a vegetarian dish, and the simplest cooking ingredients were pure and for the most part, sustainably sourced. With climate change at the forefront of concerns and sustainability, finally becoming a real topic of discussion, it makes sense that so many people have chosen to adopt a particular lifestyle in order to both protect their health and the future of our planet.

If you have visited a local grocer recently, chances are you have noticed a few different trending terms, but each one holds its own meaning. Quite often, individuals will take it upon themselves to alter their way of doing things to accommodate the values that are most important to them. The trouble is, it can be challenging to wade through an entirely new world of products if you aren’t even sure of what they are supposed to be. Here, you will learn about what it means for a product to be labeled as vegan and what choosing CBD products might change for you, as the consumer.

What does it mean to be vegan?

Veganism and vegetarian are two different labels that are often confused for one another. For some, these are food type choices alone, while for others, avoiding all a particular type of product can become an entire lifestyle.


People who follow vegetarianism will generally avoid eating poultry, seafood and any other type of meat as well as avoid the consumption of any by-products from animals.


Veganism is merely an extension of vegetarianism that includes a more extensive list of prohibited products that are not limited to those that are eaten. In addition to following the same restrictions as vegetarians, vegans do not use or consume any type of animal by-products or products. This includes all dairy products, eggs, honey, silk, leather, wool, fur as well as cosmetics or soaps that are made using animal by-products.

How can CBD products be vegan?

A lot of people hear vegan cannabis or vegan hemp and wonder how this term is even relevant to a plant. While technically, there is no plant that consists of animal products or by-products. They are often fed using a system of nutrients that contain animal-derived ingredients like bone meal. In fact, well over 90% of the nutrients that are available on the market today, specifically for cannabis or hemp plants, contain some type of animal by-products. The plant does not suddenly become meat, but it does absorb a healthy amount of nutrients. For some people, that is enough for them to be unable to support, use or consume any products that are made using those plants.

Though some of the highest quality fertilizers for edible plants consist of animal-derived ingredients, there are plenty of alternative options to choose from that just might not always produce the same results as their counterparts. Some hemp plant farmers go out of their way to make this shift, which results in a slightly more expensive product, but many feel the sacrifice of a few extra dollars is worth it.

Is there any difference between vegan and non-vegan CBD products?

The only difference between them is, the first is grown with plant-based nutrients, and the latter is fed a diet that includes animal by-products. There is genuinely no difference when measuring the results of using either element, as the majority of all fertilizers are cleansed from the plant during their final weeks of growth before the harvest.  Neither is more substantial, more potent or superior in any way. They are merely grown with different goals in mind.

The reason to consider using vegan CBD products

Though the change in fertilizer might not alter the chemical makeup of a plant, the process of how these nutrients are created and then harvested varies greatly. Plant-based vegan-friendly fertilizers are made using a unique combination of natural plant matter, alongside other ingredients to create a potent concoction of liquid food. All of which can be done in a small amount of space, over a shorter period, and without the killing of any animal. Nutrients that are designed to include animal by-products must get those ingredients from somewhere. If we were to all lower our consumption of animal-based or derived products, it would help to reduce the number of large-scale farms, which is a massive contributor to greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. This isn’t to say that you should feel bad if you don’t have access to vegan-friendly options, but where there is a choice, the more sustainable one for the entire world is always a better way to go.

The top 3 all-natural vegan CBD products and lines of 2019

Now that you know about the benefits of choosing vegan CBD products, you are probably wondering how to get your hands on some. Below, you will find our top three highly recommended CBD lines to check out this year.

1. Sagely Naturals CBD products

This Canadian based company offers an entire line of all-natural products, including CBD cream, sprays and capsules. With third party testing that guarantees zero THC content, this is a safe bet for those who cannot partake in marijuana products. The best part is, they are vegan-friendly and use all plant-based co-ingredients in their recipes

Where to purchase: www.sagelynaturals.com

2. Feel CBD

Feels offers some of the highest quality CBD products on the Canadian market today, with over 90% of their line accommodating vegan values and ingredients. With everything from CBD cream to vape pens, sprays and tinctures, there is a little bit of something for everyone. They also ship to anywhere in Canada for an affordable fee, so you might want to check them out for yourself.

Where to purchase: https://cannabismo.ca

3. CBD Daily active spray

When you make a purchase of CBD Daily products, you can be sure that all the ingredients used are 100% vegan-friendly. This company focuses on overall health and wellbeing, with pure naturally derived elements, including essential oils that can help to melt the pain and anxiety away long before it starts. CBD spray offers the added benefits of portability and functionality, as it doesn’t require any special tools to administer. With zero THC and all of the good stuff included, you just can’t go wrong with CBD Daily CBD products line.

Where to purchase: www.beyondhealthy.ca

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