Is it possible to enjoy cannabis without the smell?

Published Oct 8, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you enjoy cannabis, then chances are pretty good that you can also bask in the glorious smell without it bothering you at all, but not everyone likes the pungent smell that it can bring. Whether you’re a business professional who must meet with people who don’t agree with cannabis, or you just don’t want to make your friends or family members who don’t like it feel uncomfortable, the scent can be troublesome, and it’s a problem that’s hard to tackle effectively.

What does cannabis smell like?

Every single cannabis strain comes with a broad range of terpenes that change significantly from one to the next, so they all smell quite different, but there is that stereotypical skunk weed scent that seems to accompany all types with various levels of force. Some you can smell from a mile away, and others are less subtle, but they all carry a sweet, sour, and skunky aroma that is hard to ignore.

Is there such a thing as a scent-free cannabis flower?

Though there are most certainly strains out there that are a little less hard on the nose, there is not a single one that produces absolutely no smell. Even hemp, the close cousin of cannabis, emits a pungent smell that is full of terpenes and terpenoids. It’s a trait that comes with the plant, and there isn’t anything that you can do about it, so no, there is no such thing as a type of scent-free cannabis flower.

Low smell cannabis products

There might not be smell free cannabis buds, but there are plenty of low scent cannabis products out there. Now, it is important to note that many will still have a slight aroma, depending on how they are used or prepared, but if you choose one of the options below, you’ll be as close to a stink-free experience as is physically possible.

  1. Distillate

Distillate is a more expensive cannabis product, but that is because it takes so much longer to make, and during that process, the cannabinoids within are activated, and the smellier elements are destroyed or removed, leaving a smell-free, thick, oil-like cannabis concentrate. You can smoke distillate for a minimal smell, or you can use it orally to avoid it altogether, and then no one will ever know that you just took it.

  1. THC capsules

THC capsules are completely smell-free once they are ingested, and they are tasteless too, which makes for an excellent bonus for anyone who has a hard time with the taste of oil, distillate, or edibles. They can be filled with any kind of activated cannabis product, including stinky decarboxylated flower, and once you get one down the hatch, you and anyone around you will never smell a thing.

  1. Edibles

Cannabis-infused edibles do have a bit of a smell if you have a really sensitive nose, and they have a unique taste that isn’t always for everyone, but if you like them, they can offer an incredibly discreet way to enjoy weed without the lingering scent. Once they’ve been eaten, no one will be able to smell them, and they are easily disguised and sealed away in a small travel-sized baggie to take with you on the go.

  1. Patches

Cannabinoid patches are an incredible invention that delivers a steady dose of your preferred element directly into the bloodstream through the skin. They can last for several hours, which means that you can do pretty much whatever you want, without having to take breaks to get high. Due to their highly processed nature, the only things that they have in them are the cannabinoids and transfer agents, so you won’t notice a smell, and you’ll almost forget that it’s even there, aside from the really good buzz.

  1. Vape juice

There has been a lot of debate surrounding the smell or lack thereof when it comes to vaping cannabis products. On the one hand, vaping doesn’t seem to come with less smell, even when you’re doing it with some of the smelliest skunk weed there is out there, but concentrates and vape juices offer a solution that nearly eliminates that problem entirely. So, it’s really a matter of which cannabis products you’re using, and whether or not you opt for a flavoring that will overpower what little scent there may be.

Ways to get rid of the smell

Since starting out without a funky scent isn’t always an option, the next best thing may be settling on a way to get rid of it after you’re done. There is no perfect solution for this, as in most cases, you’ll merely mask the scent with another, and that doesn’t always go exactly as planned, if you use them all, we can guarantee you that the smell won’t be anywhere near as bad of an issue.

  1. Odor neutralizer

  2. Smoke buddy

  3. Chewing gum

  4. Cologne

  5. Wash everything (walls, materials, hands, etc.)

What you need to know about low odor strains of cannabis


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