Can you mix CBD and alcohol?

Published Feb 7, 2019 04:39 p.m. ET
CBD effects can ease the painful withdrawal symptoms that accompany alcohol, anxiety, and depression. When the correct dose is used CBD provides a safe and efficient method to ease in the withdrawal from alcohol.)

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It does have the ability to evoke feelings of relaxation. However, it will not get you high. CBD contains no psychoactive qualities. You can find CBD sold as oil, vape juice, capsules, edibles, and alcohol.

Alcohol and CBD can interact. If you consume alcohol and then ingest CBD within four hours the chances of CBD effects being stronger are increased.

Some researchers believe that the relaxation felt from the effects of CBD in the bloodstream is intensified when alcohol is used at the same time. Alcohol has those same relaxing feelings, so it possibly doubles the feelings that will be experienced. Some studies have shown the use of a CBD pill and alcohol can result in lower levels of alcohol when tested compared to alcohol use alone.

Studies have shown that when mixing pharmaceutical medications and alcohol, it can have dangerous outcomes. However, there appears to be no issues when mixing CBD and alcohol. On the contrary, some studies have proven CBD helps in the withdrawal. CBD effects the liver in a positive way. Some studies show that CBD protects the liver from binge alcohol-induced steatosis. CBD is also usedas a tool to fight alcohol abuse. Thousands of death are contributed to alcohol use yearly. CBD can help in the reduction of that number. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be helped.

Some of the side effects that CBD can be a benefit to are:

· Severe nausea
· Anxiety
· Seizures


Alcohol detox centers can be expensive; this is one of the reasons that CBD is used to aid in the withdrawal. The cost is far cheaper than a detox center treatment. Using CBD for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal is convenient and discreet.

Alcoholism is the inability to control the consumption of alcohol, often rendering a person dependent on alcohol. An alcoholic will typically feel like they cannot function in life without consuming alcohol.

Using CBD oil and alcohol can help in the withdrawal by giving the alcoholic something else to focus on. They will be having the “edge” taken off the withdrawal feelings and will have a better way of coping with daily routines of life. The stress and anxiety are relieved, better than the alcohol they were using to do the same thing. CBD effects can be beneficial to alcoholics in many ways.

Here are some common methods of using CBD oil to combat the overuse of alcohol.

  1. Concentrate the fastest way for the CBD to enter the bloodstream. Most concentrates require putting a few drops under the tongue. The effects may be felt within 15 minutes.
  2. Vape is also a way to benefit from the use of CBD in combating alcoholism.
  3. Edibles are a discreet method of providing CBD benefits needed in the fight against alcoholism.
  4. CBD pills are a great way to maintain a discreet administration of CBD to help with anxious feelings that accompany the withdrawal from alcohol.


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