Is CBD oil safe for your cat?

Published May 7, 2019 12:07 p.m. ET
Photo Credit David Zalubowski

CBD is a substance derived from the cannabis plant. Generally, CBD is safe to give cats. Pure CBD oil which contains no THC is what you want to give your pet. THC is dangerous for your cats. A cat is more sensitive to THC than a human is. So far there is no toxicity associated with CBD. The type of CBD oil that you use is important. Cats need hemp CBD oil made from hemp plants and not from marijuana plants. Your cat will not be experiencing high feelings when administered this oil. When asking yourself is CBD oil safe for cats? You can answer yes. The concern is the same as with humans. It is important to check what type of CBD oil you are using. Read the label.

The cat’s endocannabinoid system helps to regulate functions like sleep mood, immunity, and appetite. Like our bodies endocannabinoid system, any supplement like CBD helps boosts the system. CBD is like a supplement that can boost all those systems in the cat’s body. CBD is a perfect supplement to the cat’s endocannabinoid system.

Some of the symptoms that may be relived in a cat that is administered CBD are as follows:

• Anti-inflammatory for nerve pain
• Asthma
• Neurotrophy pain
• Intestinal inflammation
• Arthritis

There are different ways to administer CBD to your cat. The oil can be added to their food, or perhaps they have a favorite toy that they enjoy licking. CBD oil generally comes with a dropper; some cats enjoy the oil directly from the dropper.


CBD oil dosage for cats should be calculated by body weight. A general rule is 1-5 mg per 10 lbs of body weight when you are trying to relieve pain for the cat. The cat should be given the CBD oil every eight hours. This should control the pain. Pain management for the cat may take a little time before the perfect dose is found. Patience is needed here, and the cat's pain management will be under control.

CBD oil for cats with cancer

CBD oil for cats is becoming a common method to treat the pain that can be associated with cancer. There is research that suggests that cancer cells and tumors can be reduced or irradiated to help in the fight against cancer.

The rare if any side-effects that seem to be reported by owners of cats when they are administered CBD oil are: increased appetite and anxiety. Cats that normally suffer from anxiety appeared to be less anxious. Your cat may become more sedated than normal, if you notice this cut back on the amount of CBD oil that you are giving them. You can increase it slowly if the pain continues. As with humans, every cat's reaction can be different. There could be an allergic reaction to the CBD oil. It is not too often that cats are allergic to CBD oil, however some cats have been known to be allergic to grass. Those cats are often also allergic to CBD. This is rare butit can happen.

As with humans it is advisable to work with a professional when administering supplements to aid the control of negative symptoms from cancer, or any other ailments.


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