Is bingeing on weed a bad thing?

Published Feb 12, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Over the holidays, we tend to be left with extra spare time on our hands, but it can get away from us quite quickly if we don’t pay attention and take advantage of every moment. Sadly, this year, there isn’t a whole lot to do to lift the spirits, as most of us are being encouraged to stay away from family and friends, and no matter how hard you try, chances are pretty good that you’ll have even more hours to waste than usual. That’s not a bad thing, as we all deserve a moment after such a terrible year to recharge and unwind, but it’s got a lot of people turning to various substances to pass the time.

More time equals higher consumption

Naturally, more time to waste is going to add up to a bit more of the green getting smoked. At least, that’s usually the case for regular cannabis consumers. But this time of year, we are far more comfortable with going overboard, and some are wondering whether or not this might be a problem. Bingeing on weed, in general, isn’t believed to be a bad thing. It has no immediate or long-term adverse effects that won’t wear off over the course of an hour or so, and it can help to relieve the stress that we’re feeling from the holidays.

Is it a moral dilemma that’s getting in the way?

Some users wonder if overindulging is somehow a bad moral decision and then tends to come from an upbringing that is strictly against cannabis consumption or exposure to propaganda from our youth that told us doing so would turn us into useless unmotivated individuals. As long as it isn’t getting in the way of our day-to-day responsibilities, there is nothing morally wrong with getting really high at all. Though some religions are strictly against it, most can indulge without fear of it being a bad thing.

Perhaps you’re worried about addiction?

It makes sense to take into account all possibilities, and addiction to any substance is no laughing joke, but cannabis is much different than other substances that are compatible with this term. We generally think of addiction as something that’s devastating, physically obvious, and dangerous to get over, but with weed, the extent of this is minor.

Consumers who do end up addicted can clear their system without medical intervention without any risk to their life. All that will happen is they might have some difficulty sleeping, eating, or a few body aches. With other drugs, addiction is far more dangerous and likely, as the majority of cannabis consumers will partake less than once a week, even if they are bingeing during that short break period of time.

Cannabis isn’t going to get you instantly addicted with only a hit or two, something that is quite common among other substances, and as long as you approach your consumption as a whole in moderation, the occasional session that takes things to the next level shouldn’t be enough to cause a dependence that would be strong enough to be labelled as an addiction.

Bingeing on cannabis is a whole lot safer than alcohol

We’ve got the time, and if we’re being completely honest, almost everyone in the world is craving a different state of mind right now. It’s ok to sit back, relax, and even binge on cannabis during these trying and stressful times. As long as you don’t make it a daily habit that gets in the way of life, it might do you some good to take this temporary pause and use it to explore the truest deepest benefits of cannabis.

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