Interesting facts about the Gelato strain AKA Larry Bird

Published Oct 30, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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There are thousands of different weed strains in existence today, and there are always a few rare gems that stand out as they make waves amongst consumers. Each one is so unique in its aesthetics, cannabinoids, terpenes and terpenoids that it makes sense for consumers to have a preference, creating a demand for certain features and qualities.

One of the most popular types of marijuana right now amongst experienced consumers who like to smoke or vape is the Gelato strain, which is why we have chosen to highlight some of the most unique and interesting facts, some of which heavily contributed to this weed strain’s rise to fame. Whether you prefer smoking, vaping or some other method of ingestion, the Gelato strain has something to offer for everyone.


1. The Gelato strain also goes by the name Larry Bird
Cannabis names often mean little to the average consumer, but this one also goes by Larry Bird, as it was originally named after the famous NBS Celtics player from the early 80’s. No one knows for sure if the real Larry Bird ever used marijuana or had any personal involvement in the Gelato strains creation, but over time the strain evolved to be known as Gelato.

2. It has breathtaking aesthetics with purple hues
Most consumers will look over buds in search of fine, white crystals or a change of color in pistils, but the Gelato strain is one that takes a curbside appeal to a whole new level. The bud’s flowers take on a deep dark color that gently fades as the plant matures and cures, which makes the end product a deep mystical barrage of hues and crystals that are entrancing to take in.


3. The Gelato strain provides intense euphoric effects
Some new consumers find the Gelato strain to be too potent because the effects are so inherently euphoria-inducing, that they can be overwhelming to the unsuspecting. What’s most interesting about this is that the THC content of this cannabis strain is nowhere near record winning, with a fair 20%-24% average THC, and less than 1% CBD.

4. It’s an Indica dominant strain
Most weed strains these days are bought and sold as hybrids because consumers are led to believe that the genetic of these kinds of cannabis is somehow superior, but that is not always the case. The Gelato strain contains the genetics from both Indica and Sativa genetics, but that’s not uncommon amongst hybrids. What is unique about this one is that it carries a relatively equal portion of each, including 55% Indica and 45% Sativa

5. Medicinal qualities
The Gelato strain is widely known amongst the medical cannabis community, for its ability to help treat multiple different symptoms and conditions. The intense mental and physical effects of this strain can help to melt away pain, relieve stress, reduce seizure activity, stimulate appetite, reduce nausea and combat insomnia with very small doses. That is why Gelato is so often recommended as one of the best nighttime weed strains. However, many users with a higher tolerance to THC report a more functional high.

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