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Infused pre-rolls 101

Published Jan 14, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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Not long ago, joints were something that consumers had to make for themselves after buying flower from underground vendors and rolling papers from the closest head shop. We’ve come a long way since then, with dozens of unique varieties of pre-rolls on the market and no shortage of hard choices to make, which can get a little confusing, especially for old school and new consumers who aren’t exactly well versed in the possible differences from one to the next.

Luckily, though it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, it’s a relatively easy niche to understand. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to infused pre-rolls 101 – the only place you need to go to answer all nagging questions about infused joints.

What are infused pre-rolls?

Infused pre-rolls are just like any other pre-rolled joint, filled to the brim with ground flower, but infused varieties also include at least one extra cannabis-derived addition to improve things like taste, aroma, or potency. All in all, they are still made up of almost 100% cannabis in some form or another. They just also include “extras” to enhance the overall experience.

Common pre-rolled joint infusions

Infused pre-rolls come in all different shapes, sizes, and combinations, so what you get will depend on the brand you choose. However, any one of these additions could be added to the mix.

  • Terpenes
  • Hash
  • Other cannabis strains
  • Oil
  • RSO
  • Kief
  • Distillate

Are they better than regular pre-rolls?

If it’s just more weed, then what’s the point? That’s a common misconception among consumers who just don’t see the need for fancy combinations when they just want to get the job done right. The truth is that every addition makes a world of difference, but how infusion changes the game will very much depend on the product used.

  • Terpenes (flavour, aroma, effects)
  • Hash (flavour, aroma, potency)
  • Other cannabis strains (flavour, aroma, potency)
  • Oil (flavour, aroma, potency)
  • RSO (potency)
  • Kief (flavour, aroma, potency)
  • Distillate (potency)

In general, most would agree that infused pre-rolls offer a more elevated experience than their non-infused counterparts.

Is the additional cost of infused pre-rolls worth it?

The average cost of a regular joint sits somewhere between CA$3.00 - CA$8.00 depending on the strain, brand, and size, whereas most infused pre-rolls come with hefty price tags closer to CA$10.00 - CA$30.00. There is a huge difference, making them seem unaffordable to some, but if you can cover the extra cost, and have a higher tolerance, then you’re likely to benefit significantly by paying slightly more.

How to make your own infused pre-rolls


You don’t have to spend top dollar to enjoy the perks of infusion. All you really need is a few products on hand to make the magic happen at home and the know-how to make them all come together in a smokable result.

You’ll need:

  • Rolling paper
  • Filter
  • Cannabis concentrate (any of the above-mentioned options)
  • Tools to apply the concentrate (where applicable)

What you need to know

These are some of the things you’ll need to know if you want your infused joint to hit the spot and keep on burning.

  1. More than one strain of flower may be used as a base.

  2. Concentrates should be applied directly onto the rolling paper either before filling it on the inside or afterward on the outer shell in a thin layer. Large gobs may run, drop or keep the joint from burning evenly, so be sure to spread it wide and thin.

  3. When applying concentrates to the outside of a joint, things can get messy without a powdery residue like kief to seal in all that sticky goodness.

  4. Hash and cannabis flower should be ground down to an even consistency for the best results.

  5. The papers you use will significantly alter the taste and burning rate of your roll, so be sure to stick to brands you know and love.

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