Indica versus sativa what type is best for you?

Published Jan 31, 2019 07:06 p.m. ET

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Ontario, there are likely a lot of questions people have in regards to different strains and the effects they may have. The following information will hopefully enable you to make a more informed choice when purchasing your weed.

There are three different types of cannabis; Indica, Sativa, and hybrids, which are a combination of both Indica and Sativa. All three strains have varying percentages of cannabinoids. There are thousands of different strains of weed.  A common rule of thumb to remember what the different strains can do for you is, Indica puts you “in da couch.” So it's a more relaxing strain that hails from Afghanistan and northern India.  Indica foliage is shorter and bushier than Sativa foliage. Indica flowers grow quicker, in usually 40-60 days, with higher yields and a purple hue. Its good for insomnia, chronic pain and can alleviate nausea and helps with loss of appetite.

Sativa on the other hands is commonly known as “wake and bake.” It is more cerebral and produces a euphoric effect that can help with creative blocks, focusing, depression and fatigue. Sativa grows taller and thinner than the indica and originates from warmer climates such as South Africa, Mexico, and Thailand. It has a fruity aroma, usually with yellow or orange buds. It flowers in 60 to 90 days with not as high yields as the indica plant.

When we discuss hybrids, we are generally referring to three different types of hybrids.  Sativa dominant, balanced and Indica dominant.  Based on users biochemistry the benefits and effects may vary according to the strain. The Sativa dominant strain is excellent to unwind providing a stimulated head high with a relaxing body feel.  Indica dominant strains are a great full body high with a sedating feeling, providing a mild mental effect.  Not necessarily putting you to sleep.  The balanced strain, as the name states provide a balanced head and body effect. The hybrids appearance can be deceiving due to that fact that it takes on the characteristics of both plants.  So you can get purple-tinged buds or green and yellow.


Cannabinoids are the chemical content found in all strains of Sativa and indica. THC is the psychoactive ingredient, and CBD has no psychoactive effects.  CBD is commonly used for medicinal purposes. Within both strains are also terpenes which account for the smell and taste.

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid whichever strain you choose, enjoy!



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