If you don’t want to use a bong, then try one of these 6 devices instead

Published Jun 27, 2019 01:10 p.m. ET
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The media sensationalizes marijuana use by portraying glorified potheads that all use massive and highly decorated bongs, but that is mainly for show. Though these devices are one option that you could try for smoking cannabis, there are several others available that are much less talked about. Which one you should use will ultimately depend on your personal preference, budget, and lung capacity. For those that aren’t sure where to begin, we have compiled a list of six practical alternatives, including how each one is used, and what types of cannabis products can be smoked through them.


Cost: $2-$5

A joint is ground up cannabis that has been encased in a marijuana rolling paper. This is one of the cheapest, and for many, the most convenient ways to consume weed. Papers are typically made of either regular paper, hemp, or rice paper, and they can be filled with dry herb or a combination of bud grind and marijuana concentrates. The bud flowers are ground up and rolled into a tube shape before being smoked by lighting one end. Sometimes a joint will have a filter, and for those who seek true convenience, options like cone rolling papers make for an easy pack and go choice. Joints are an excellent choice for new consumers, as they offer the smoothest inhale and most control over the amount that is consumed.


Cost: $3-$10

A blunt will typically hold more herb than a joint and is rolled using a tobacco leaf of emptied cigar casing instead of regular papers. The tobacco roll provides a boost using nicotine, which many smokers and non-smokers enjoy. A blunt roll can also hold almost any kind of marijuana concentrate in small amounts, as long as it is mixed with dry cannabis grind. This option is most recommended for semi-experienced consumers, as it will hold larger amounts and can be quite a bit harsher on the draw.

Weed pipe

Cost: $5-$100

A weed pipe is a preformed device that might be made of metal, wood, glass, quartz, or stone, and each material offers a slightly different experience. Models made of metal will get hot much faster, but quartz and stone versions can cool the smoke as it travels through the chamber, which allows for a much smoother hit. A weed pipe will generally come equipped with a bowl, stem, mouthpiece, and sometimes a carb. Carbs will enable you to control when and how quickly the smoke is released, which is helpful for those with a more limited lung capacity.

The bowl is packed with either cannabis grind, or a combination of marijuana concentrates scattered over the top of a bed of dry herb grind, lit, and then inhaled through the mouthpiece. Some models may require the addition of water, but these are few and far between as far as availability and popularity. These are one of the most manageable smoking devices to use but do come with the drawback of getting easily clogged when using concentrates that slowly run down the stem. So, if you prefer oil, hash, and other cannabis products, they might not be for you, but they are perfect for anyone who loves some good old-fashioned bud flowers.



Cost: $20-$1000

Vaporizers can be used with almost any type of marijuana products, and they are one of the healthiest alternatives to regular smoking on the market today. Which type of product you use will typically depend on the heads that come with your vape. Some are compatible with e-liquid, others are made for either dry cannabis or marijuana concentrates. It is essential that you select the right version for the products that you are using, but the process of how they work is essentially the same. The contents are heated to a super high temperature that is just enough to force the molecules to dance inside of the chamber without reaching high enough to combust.

Vapes can be an excellent option for anyone who enjoys more than regular bud, is on the go a lot, or is seeking a more concentrates hit without the unhealthy smoking side effects. Vaporizers come in so many shapes and sizes that it is nearly impossible to list them all, but in general, there are two primary types including tabletop and pens. Tabletop versions are much more consistent in their functionality, but pens are super easy to grab and go with, so which one is better depends on the environment in which you are looking to use it.

Dab rig

Cost: $30-$500

Dab rigs are an excellent device choice for anyone who enjoys concentrates, but they are not meant for dry herb. These tools work similarly to vaporizers but require a bit more skill to operate. Generally, dab rigs are made of either glass or quartz, and they come equipped with a mouthpiece, dab nail, and bowl. The nail is heated to super high temperatures before it is pressed against a dab, which will vaporize it entirely and send a blast of smoke into the holding chamber where it can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. Dabbing preserves many of the flavors and aromas that are in the cannabis concentrates and is considered to be the healthiest and most extreme way to ingest marijuana products.

Butter machine

Cost: $60-$300

Though it might not yet be one of the most popular ways to use cannabis products, butter machines are by far the healthiest and most exciting options to try. A marijuana butter machine price can range greatly, but a good quality option will do most of the work for you. All you need to add is the cured bud and food item including either butter or oil which is unfused in a process that is contained and incredibly simple. Once complete, the results are a THC or CBD infused butter that can be used in all of your favorite recipes to create your very own marijuana edibles at home. The best part to edibles is there is no smell once it has been added to food, so you can enjoy tasty infused treats without raising suspicious of those around you.

Though you certainly won’t find all these options through government websites like the Ontario Cannabis Store, almost any headshop will likely carry a reasonable variety of everything listed here. If you live in a region without access to such a store, then your best bet is to check online for a virtual head shop that will ship right to your front door. Another, the less popular avenue is shopping through local convenience stores which might have any one of them on hand, but the very way to buy any cannabis consuming devices is directly through manufacturers who will honor their warranty without any hassles.



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