Dab carb caps explained

Published Mar 14, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET

What is a dab carb cap?

A carb cap AKA dab carb cap is a device that is designed to use along with a dabbing rig. The piece consists of a round tip that is permanently attached to a handle. A dab carb cap will help to restrict airflow through a dab rig so that any concentrates burned within it are most efficiently vaporized. It can be used with either titanium or quartz domeless nails.

How to use a carb cap

To use a dab carb cap, the user will heat any domeless nail to an extremely high temperature. Once heated, your dabs can be placed onto the domeless nail end. Then the dab carb cap should be immediately set over the top of the nail. The biggest mistake made by novice users is that the heating element at some point comes into contact with the glass piece. This can shatter it leaving you with a bunch of useless shards of glass.

Benefits of using a dab carb cap

A dab carb cap will feature a tiny hole that will allow airflow to your nail to be maximized.

Dab carb cap designs

A cab carb cap can be purchased in a variety of designs separated by two categories. This includes a basic solid one-piece version made of either glass or titanium that has no moving parts, or rotational carb caps which have moving parts. A rotational carb cap will allow the user to freely move the centerpiece to control how efficiently the smoke is being drawn through the dab rig.

Low-temperature dabs with carbs


Low-temperature dabs with carbs are generally only accomplished by experienced dab rig users. Low-temperature dabs with carbs can optimize the flavor of any concentrate but are somewhat difficult to achieve, as the nail must be heated to a fairly precise temperature to vaporize and not just burn the product.

High-temperature dabs with carbs

High temperature vaporized dabs are the easiest to achieve for novice users. The biggest thing a user must pay attention to is where the flame is located, and which portions of the fire are the hottest and therefore most effective. A flame should never come into contact with a dab carb cap. The nail used should always be heated by ensuring the nail is just above the top of the flame. Anywhere within the fire including the blue center that is often mistaken for the hottest part will all be dramatically slower at achieving an optimal nail temperature.

Alternatives to purchasing a dab carb cap

If you are wondering to yourself, what can I use for a carb cap instead of buying one then you are not alone. Fancy premade dab carb caps can be expensive and for some completely unattainable. Here is a list of other items you can use that will produce the same effect as a store bought one.

  • Grinder
  • Glass bowl for bongs
  • Small glass jar
  • Dabbing dome
  • Small glass bottle
  • A Silicone container (or other small heat-resistant container)

Where to purchase a carb cap

Looking for a professional premade piece to add to your collection? Dab carb caps can be purchased through the majority of head shops, and many dispensaries have even begun to carry them. If you have no luck there than there is always the option to purchase online. While there are many different websites that offer several choices for dab carbs that can be shipped to Canada, the most extensive collection will be found by visiting



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