How to use herb grinders for marijuana

Published Feb 13, 2019 04:36 p.m. ET

One of the most essential purchases that every cannabis lover should make is an efficient weed grinder. The preparation of your herb before you smoke it will dramatically influence the overall experience you achieve when using it. For most regular users, a high-quality herb grinder is just as important as having access to bud. For the majority of pot smokers, a manual grinder will be more than sufficient, and reliability has a lot to do with that. Others prefer electric for their ability to grind up significant amounts of weed at one time, which makes them preferable for those with mobility or strength issues that may have difficulty turning a manual grinder.

Weed grinder parts

A cannabis grinder usually consists of a few primary parts including teeth or blades, a compartment to hold the bud, and a lid that keeps everything securely held together. There are also several different kinds of weed grinders. Some have more chambers for additional weed storage, or other features like a kief catching screen, or kief collecting compartment. Electric grinders are a little different as they often have no kief catching screens or separate compartment, and of course, they also require some sort of power to function. Electric chargers are restrictive depending on your individual needs because they will need access to a plug to either operate or charge the device as needed.

How to grind weed using an electric weed grinder

Electric herb grinders almost never come with any sort of kief catcher, but they are incredibly simple to use no matter which type you choose. There are both corded electric weed grinders and rechargeable versions. A corded type will always need to be plugged in to function, and rechargeable ones will require a certain length of charging between use. Though the power source is different, the goal of both of these devices designs is still to grind up herb as efficiently as possible.



  1. Add some dry herb to the compartment of your device. Usually, this requires moving a lid to fill it and then closing it to ensure the contents are sealed well within.
  2. If your electric herb grinder has a permanent cord, then you will need to plug it in before you press the start button. When using a rechargeable type then as long as your battery has a charge you can press the on button to begin bud busting.
  3. Some electric models are equipped with special features that will allow them to control themselves and turn off once the bud has been evenly ground, but the majority will require the user to hold down the on button until the process is complete. This doesn’t generally take any longer than 30-40 seconds.
  4. Once you feel that the bud has been sufficiently ground, you can turn off the weed grinder by releasing the button.
  5. Lightly tap the top of the device a few times. This will loosen the crystals that tend to stick to the lids which can get messy.
  6. Empty the electric herb grinder by dumping the weed out and giving it a few more taps. Some devices at this point will go so far as to roll the pre-ground bud for you, but most will require a manual dumping of the contents.

How to grind weed using a manual weed grinder

Manual herb grinders sound so much more simple at first, but once you look at the various models available it won’t take long to notice that a manual weed grinder can go from an incredibly basic one compartment model all the way up to nine chambers. Here we will describe how to use one that falls in between that includes a kief catcher, two compartments one of which is for storage, and a lid.


  1. Lift the lid off of the grinder to expose the compartment that holds the cutting teeth.
  2. Press a few buds into the teeth of the grinder. Be careful how many you add as more will make turning it more difficult and too much will be nearly impossible to grind.
  3. Press the lid down, and you will likely hear a crunch as it locks into place. This will not hurt the teeth; it is just the sound of the bud breaking apart a little.
  4. Turn the grinder by firmly gripping the bottom of it and turning the lid in any direction you feel most comfortable. As you are moving the parts, the bud will slowly be pulled apart, and at the same time, the bud is rubbed against screens that lead to a bottom storage compartment. Slowly collecting some of the most potent powder for you.
  5. Once turning begins to happen more freely without any drag, you can remove the lid, and your herb should be finely ground.
  6. Dump the cannabis out to use it or place the lid back on to store it for later.
  7. After several uses, the kief catcher screen will have done a good job of filling at least a portion of the lowest compartment. To access this section you will need to unscrew the separating centerpiece from the bottom by turning it counterclockwise. The kief can than be accessed and used as needed.


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