How to use cannabis and stay in control of your high

Published Jun 23, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Experimenting with cannabis can be a whole lot of fun, but it’s a learning experience that comes with ups and downs that can throw you off track. One of the biggest mistakes made by beginners is overconsumption which can send you spiraling into an uncomfortable place that could scare you away before you’ve really had a chance to truly experience the benefits.

Unfortunately, since cannabis products seem to affect everyone differently, there is no magical scale or number that can promise you the ideal combination of sensations the first time, but there are some things that you can do to ensure that you maintain as much control as is physically possible over the outcome of each session.

1. Start low and go slow

This is a famous saying that’s been passed down through several generations of cannabis culture, and it means that you should always start with the smallest dose possible, and then slowly climb your way up the dosage ladder from there. If you begin your cannabis journey this way, then you will be a lot less likely to experience any sort of side effects, and once you adjust to a slow incremental change in dose, then you’ll feel more confident and in control with the passing of each session.

2. Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress as you explore the outer regions of your comfort zone is an essential step towards gaining control over your high. Good notes to take along the way should include things like strain names, product titles, doses, and ultimately the effects of each session. This way, you can learn which types might be best to avoid, and which ones will do exactly what you need them to, and you’ll have something to refer back to later on when your memory might be a little hazy.

3. Always stick to a plan

Half the fear of the unknown can be overcome by coming up with a plan that can accommodate any outcome, as a solid outline for every possible scenario can help to put the mind at ease. You should plan everything right from where you do it, to what you’ll want to do while the effects take hold, and sometimes, it can also help to enlist the help of a trusted friend or relative to be with you along the way. Whatever you think you might need, make sure it’s there, so that you can maintain more control over the outcome.

4. Find something that works and stick with it

It used to be hard to consistently find the same cannabis products because the only thing that you could buy was whatever your local dealer had on hand. In those times, bulk buying was the only way to get reliability, but now you can settle on a handful of popular strains instead. Once you find a strain or specific product that feels like it clicks, try to stock up on it, so that any further experimentation over the coming weeks can have more predictable results.

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5. Utilize cannabis products that provide more control

These cannabis products are ideal if you want to stay in control because they can all be purchased from reputable vendors that have tested each batch for potency. This makes it so that you’ll always achieve the same effects or at least close to it as long you only take measured doses followed by a downtime where you assess the effects of each new amount before taking more. Homemade cannabis goods tend to be much less reliable as far as measuring potency, but if you make a large batch of any the below options and carefully experiment with them, you will receive similar effects every single time that you use them which is absolutely necessary when you want to have the most control possible over the high.

  1. THC capsules

  2. Edibles

  3. Distillate

  4. THC oil

  5. Tincture

Even if you follow all of the advice given here, there is still only so much control that you will have over an experience, because over time, our bodies adapt and build up a tolerance which makes it so that we need more. The human body is a highly unpredictable thing that might respond well one day to something, and poorly the next, so trial and error is the only real way to gain both confidence and control of your buzz.

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