How to start your own cannabis journey

Published Jan 10, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
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You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try some wonderful cannabis products, but you’ve got so many options and likely very little idea of where or how to start, and that’s perfectly normal. Luckily this truly is the best time to be a newbie as there is so much information, guidance, and openness on the subject.

There is no ideal starting point, and there are no guaranteed steps to succeed. What we have to offer instead is a refined list of steps and suggestions curated by a group of more experienced cannabis users who’ve been where you are right now.

Determine your comfortability

Smoking may be the most popular method of choice, but it’s not the only option out there. Vaping is quickly becoming a close second in running, and then there are edibles, tinctures, and topicals to consider. If you don’t want to get ‘high’ but you’d like to benefit from the wonderful effects of cannabinoids, then CBD products might be best for you. Alternatively, topicals even those with THC will keep the mind clear while delivering some amazing benefits.

Look for matching products

Once you’ve determined your comfort level with cannabis products, it’s time to search for one that matches your individual needs, and the best place to shop is always through your local dispensary, where you can go in person, ask questions, and even receive some recommendations for products you might not have otherwise considered. If you don’t have the luxury or ability to shop in person, then look for trusted, licensed online retailers, and there’s no shortage of options out there.

Invest in the appropriate gear

Not all cannabis products will require tools or accessories to get the job done, but you’ll find the process much easier if you’re thoroughly prepared. If you’ve purchased flower or concentrate, then you’re going to need a grinder, papers, a rolling tray, or a vaporizer to use those items. For topicals, tinctures, and edibles, luckily, you’ll already have all that you need to make this an easy and pleasant experience.

Start low

Now that you know how to use cannabis products of your choosing, it’s important to recognize the fact that as a beginner, you’ll be much safer starting this process slow and steady, which means utilizing the smaller dose possible just to see how you enjoy the experience. If you’ve opted for joints or bowls, a few puffs may be all that you need to begin. Even the best cannabis topicals are good to test on a small area of the skin, just to guarantee you won’t have a bad reaction that spreads. Proceed with caution and common sense to avoid any uncomfortable outcomes.

Never go into this alone

No beginner should have to go through the motions alone, and although not everyone has a choice in the matter, if you’ve got someone to lean on as you learn how to navigate this new world, then don’t be afraid to call on them. Sometimes a little helping hand can go a whole lot further than you think, and it helps to have a friendly face to ask questions as they arise.

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