How to smoke weed in a dorm or shared residence

Published Mar 16, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
Tips, and tricks on smoking weed in college.

Smoking marijuana and the college experience have an intertwined history that goes back decades. While until recently drinking alcohol was the most accepted and legal way to unwind after a hectic day of classes. Marijuana is slowing gaining popularity, especially since legalization. There is more weed in collage by the day. Marijuana is healthier, safer, and all around a more enjoyable substance to indulge in. Particularly for any college student who may need to be able to wake up clear-headed and not hung over the next morning.

What gets the most in the way of students choosing pot over alcohol is another aspect of college life that is fairly consistent which is having to live in a dorm or shared residence. Unfortunately, despite legalization, most student residences do not allow smoking of any kind. Smoking weed in a dorm room is no easy feat and might require a few tools and some preparation to ensure it affects others you reside next to as little as possible. However, the good news is, it is entirely possible.

How to smell proof a room

Smell proofing a room is not an exact science. When first deciding how to smell proof a room, you will need to assess a few things. The number of windows and doors and the overall airflow of your room will affect your overall ability to completely smell proof space.

If you only have one window, then you will want to invest in a good window fan that will create a consist exchange of air. If you have two windows than opening both will allow for air to flow through rather than just inside.

Doors are different. For larger gaps near the bottom of doors, you can roll up a dampened towel to keep the smell out. There are door socks designed specifically for filling those gaps which can be permanently installed on the door meaning one less thing to pick up after a session. For spaces along the top side of a door, you can purchase soft strips to seal them for cheap at your local dollar store. Just be sure to remove it before you move out.

Other Ways to Minimize the Smell of Marijuana

Figuring out how to smell proof a room is only a small part of what you can do to keep your cannabis use as discreet as possible. Some of the most effective solutions used by many who smoke weed in college are things you can purchase that will target smell.


1. Smoke Buddy
The smoke buddy is probably the most popular tool used right across the country by those trying to keep their pot smell to a minimum. It acts as an air filter and purifier when used to exhale any marijuana smoke through. They are cheap, usually purchased for under $20 and are great for reducing the smell produced by smoking cannabis. So while you maybe aren’t able to afford the best air purifier for a dorm room, this is a capable alternative.

2. Doob Tube
If you don’t have the cash or the time to obtain a smoke buddy, the next best option is making your doob tube. A doob tube is an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll that has a strongly scented dryer sheet attached to one end with an elastic. You exhale your tokes through the end without the sheet, and as it exits the tube, it will warm the oils in the sheet and add a clean, fresh scent which will help to dim the odor of marijuana.

3. Incense
This won’t be an option and may even hinder your discretion if you are smoking weed in a dorm room that doesn’t allow burning period. However, incense has been used for longer than anything to help to cover the smell of marijuana.

4. Air Purifier
An air purifier will be one of the most effective set it and forget it tools you can buy that will make smoking weed in a dorm room less work. A good air purifier will filter the air of any harmful things including the residual smoke from cannabis.

5. Stash Storage
This one is one of the most overlooked yet is also one of the essential steps when figuring out how to smell proof a room. Dried cannabis will often smell even more than any smoke produced after it is ingested. Make sure to purchase an airtight container that completely sealed keeping any pungent odors inside instead of floating around into shared spaces.

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