How to smoke hashish for beginners

Published Sep 2, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Marijuana legalization has been an exciting adventure for consumers, but this brand-new industry comes with little explanation or information for the average person. One of the most confusing things about cannabis is often the process of learning about all the different products, including how they are made, how they can be used and the effects. In this article, we will focus one product in particular called hashish.

What is hashish?

Hashish, also known as hash, is one product that is derived from the cannabis plant. It consists of a combination of several different elements including trichomes, terpenes and the naturally produced resins that contain both THCA and CBDA.

There are many kinds of hashish, and each one has a slightly different texture and consistency, depending on how it is made. Those that are extracted with heat or solvents will resemble putty, and are moldable, especially once heat is applied. Others are made from dry kief that has been harvested from a marijuana plant and those which are hard, compressed blocks that must be broken apart to be efficiently consumed.

How to make hash

Hash can be made using a few different techniques, but the simplest way to learn how to make hash is by using the dry kief crystals from the cannabis plant. Kief can often be purchased alone, but the cheapest way to make hash will be to harvest your own with a weed grinder that features a kief catch. Once you have gathered at least 1/2 of a gram worth of this marijuana product, you can make yourself a block of the hash in no time with only a few tools on hand.

You will need:

  • Kief
  • 1-4 drops of water
  • Aluminum foil
  • Parchment paper
  • Snug fitting shoes


  1. Begin by cutting a section of parchment paper that is large enough to envelope the kief.

  2. Fold the paper by pulling each corner of the square and pressing the creases once all corners have met in the middle.

  • Now fill the pocket with kief along with 1-4 drops of water, and tightly wrap it all together by pulling tighter on all the paper corners until you feel some resistance.

  • Make a double layer of the aluminum foil which will help to keep the kief contained in case of a blowout. The parchment paper layer is helpful, but this project can work without it. Wrap the small package as tightly as possible with a piece of aluminum foil, following the same procedure as you did with the envelope.

  • Take the packet of kief into your palm and apply as much pressure as you can muster to press it down into a brick shape.

  • When pressure by hand no longer manipulates the brick, put on a well-fitting pair of shoes, and slip the envelope of kief into the bottom heel of your shoe.

  • You can now either stand in one place or walk around for 5-15 minutes to compress the kief into a hash block.

  • Once this time is up, retrieve the envelope and unwrap your freshly pressed kief hash as it is ready to be used.

  • How to smoke hash

    Once you have learned how to make hash, the next thing on your to do list is figuring out how to smoke it. Though cannabis buds can be burned whole, hash is unique and will require a little more work. Kief hash can be smoked on its own through bongs or pipes, but it doesn’t burn very well rolled up in a paper. The waxier versions always need some assistance to keep the materials burning, which is the reason why it is always recommended to mix your hash with either tobacco or cannabis before smoking it through a joint, bong or pipe.

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