How to roll a windmill joint

Published Oct 21, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Once you have learned how to roll a joint, you might just assume that you know everything that there is about cannabis rolls, but you would probably be wrong, as each year, creative enthusiasts come up with new and exciting blunt rolls that range from incredibly simple to expert level paper shaping. While there are some like the scorpion joint that even the most experienced people with rolling papers refuse to try, there are some pretty fantastic simple designs that take no time at all to master.

The windmill joint is a cannabis roll that consists of 1 long giant joint and 4 cone-shaped blunts that, when combined, create the look of an old-fashioned blade filled giant. So, if you are looking for a way to have some fun or show off to your friends, then you have come to the right place. This creative blunt is easy to make, and only takes 6 king-sized papers, so if you're ready to test your skills at the art of rolling, then it’s time to get started with these easy to follow steps on how to roll a joint that looks just like a windmill.


  • 6 grams of cannabis
  • 6 king-sized rolling papers
  • Grinder
  • Blunt glue
  • Cardstock (or alternative filter)
  • Sharp pointed knife (or another hole punching tool)


  1. Start by grinding up your cannabis buds, then divide it up into 5 portions. Four of which should be 1 gram each, and the other one 2 grams. Be sure that all the seeds and stems are removed now to avoid tearing of your rolling papers.

  2. Now, take 4 king-sized papers and roll 4 equal cone-shaped blunts. They will shape the blade of the windmill, so they do not need a filter installed. So, leave one end open, and the widest tips closed by twisting them shut.

  3. The base of the windmill should be longer than the blade, as such you will need 2 rolling papers for this section. Attach the 2 papers along a short end so that the glue edges line up perfectly using a small amount of blunt glue.

  4. Fill the rolling papers with herb grind and try to keep this roll as straight as possible. Once it is complete, prepare card stock by cutting a small rectangle and folding it to fit the mouthpiece.

  5. Now that the base blunt is ready to go, it is time to install the “blade”, and while it might be a bit nerve-racking, making holes in a blunt, as long as they aren’t too big, is nothing a bit of extra glue can’t handle. Punch 4 holes evenly around the base joint, approximately 1/2-inch or more away from the end opposite of the mouthpiece.

  6. Gently twist and turn the tip of a cone blunt into one of the holes until it feels like it fits snugly into place.

  • Apply a small amount of blunt glue around the seams, to avoid leakage and improve airflow.

  • Now repeat for the other three-cone rolls until they are all securely in place. If you find that the blade cones are too heavy, then it might help to do 2 at a time, leaving room for drying in-between.

  • Once all of the cone blunt rolls have been installed, take a blunt glue brush to any visible seams. Any leaking air will ruin the experience, so use high-quality glue to avoid any adverse effects that might impact taste or burn rate.

  • Wait at least 5-10 minutes for all the glue to completely dry before lighting up your freshly rolled windmill joint.

  • How to light a windmill joint

    This blunt roll is relatively simple to roll, but without instruction, some people won't know where to begin in lighting such a magnificent creation. While some like to light all of the tips at the same time, those who have tried it claims that the burn is harsh, even if the 4 blades are lit first, therefore, wait until they are burnt down to a length that matches the protruding end of the base, otherwise, you might find that the main joint burns up much faster than the blade which will ruin all of your hard work, and put a hard stop on the smoking session.

    To do this, a good Bic or electric lighter is recommended as they will not adversely impact the flavor like butane or liquid gas options. Hold the flame of the lighter just close enough to catch each of the tips aflame and take small, gentle and spaced out puffs to help get the ball rolling without causing an unfortunate canoeing incident.

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